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The Republic of the Marshall Islands Ports Authority (RMIPA) was created in 2003 with the passing of the RMI Ports Authority Act. The Act integrated the Marshall Islands Ports Authority with the Marshall Islands Airports Authority into a single public agency. RMIPA has charge of and oversees the two main seaports, the Delap and Uliga Ports, and the sole international airport. All of these facilities are located on the main island of Majuro Atoll, the capital of the Marshall Islands. The Delap Port is used primarily as the country’s main international cargo facility, while the Uliga dock is primarily used for interisland cargo and passenger vessels.

At a glance

  • Seaport Facilities
    • Port of Majuro — The Port of Majuro is the primary gateway for incoming imports that support the lifestyle of RMI residents and families, the operation of private businesses and local and national government agencies, as well as related jobs in both the private and public sectors of the economy.
    • Delap Dock — Delap Dock is the primary commercial cargo dock in Majuro Atoll. Local stevedores from Majuro Stevedore & Terminal Company process the loading and unloading of imports and exports to and from Delap Dock. A cargo handling area, equipment repair shop, container freight station and RMIPA administrative offices support the processing and storage of containers and general cargo.
      • The Main Delap Dock is located on the southeast side of Majuro Lagoon, extending east to west about 308m.
      • The Delap East Dock is situated on the east side of Delap Dock and is primarily used by interisland cargo vessels for unloading copra to the Tobolar coconut processing operation. The east dock extends approximately 80m north to south.
      • The Delap West Dock is located on the west side of the main Delap Dock and extends approximately 58m north to south.
      • The Cargo Handling Area is adjacent to the main Delap Dock and is used for the movement and storage of dry and refrigerated containers, general palletized cargo and empty containers.
    • Uliga Dock — The Uliga Dock is used for the moorage of governmental vessels owned and operated by the RMI Marshall Island Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA), the RMI Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the RMI Ports Authority (RMIPA).
    • Ebeye Dock — Ebeye dock consists of an ‘L’-shaped jetty and longer side berth, plus a 400-foot-long wharf adjacent to the main dock. Passenger ferry services to and from Kwajalein Island operated by the US Army run six days per week about 10 times per day. The ferry service is open and free of charge to the public.
  • Airport Facilities
    • Amata Kabua/Marshall Islands International Airport — RMI’s only public international airport, MAJ is located in the South-East part of the Majuro atoll. It is served by international carrier United Airlines, regional carrier Our Airlines and Air Marshall Islands, our local commuter airlines. Amenities include retail shops, car rental services, restaurants, banking and visitor services.
    • Outer Airfields — The Marshall islands has a total of 29 outer island airstrips. These 29 outer airstrips are classed Commercial (non-primary). Air Marshall Islands (AMI) operates commuter service to the outer island airstrips.


PO Box 109
Majuro, MH 96960
Republic of the Marshall Islands

Airport Telephone: 692-247-7612
Seaport Telephone: 692-625-7613

Key staff:
Executive Director — Thomas Maddison (tmaddison37@gmail.com)
Airport Manager — Damiee Riklon (daymerikz@gmail.com)
Seaport Manager – Capt Robert Heine (rheine96@gmail.com)
Chief Financial Official — Shivneel Sharma (rmipa.cfo@gmail.com)

Hon. Kessai H. Note – MP&Minister of Transportation and Communications, IT
Hon. Stephen Phillip – Member of Parliament MP (Majuro)
Hon. Ladie Jack – Majuro Mayor
Mr. Larry Hernandez
Mr. Anjojo Kabua
Ms. Loreen Bigler
Mr. Fred Pedro
Mr. Biten Lanki
Mr. Jerry Nahan