As drivers of economic growth, facilitating trade and generating thousands of jobs, ports of the Pacific Ocean share a common vision: To provide an efficient, fluid, and cost-effective supply chain in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically viable manner. The Association of Pacific Ports (APP) assists Member Ports in achieving this vision by enabling the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, peer-to-peer networking, and professional development. Supported by Associate Members who provide a diverse range of solutions for both port operations and management, the APP is building partnerships throughout the Pacific.

The APP has developed a Port Member benefits package that delivers on: 1) education and professional development; 2) relationship-building and networking; 3) fostering good relations; and 4) providing opportunities for business development and awareness.

A survey of Port Members identified the top reasons they joined the APP:

  • To network and build relationships within the port community.
  • To learn and share best practices and innovations.
  • To demonstrate leadership in fostering good relations with ports throughout the Pacific Ocean.
  • To market and promote their port.

To ensure the APP is meeting the needs of its members, we have developed the following benefits of membership:


In addition to significant savings for conference registration, Port Members are provided a key opportunity to directly engage with their peers to discuss key topics of importance, learn best practices and lessons learned, and build networks that will last beyond the days of the conference. In addition, the APP’s semi-annual conferences (one in summer, another in winter) provide numerous opportunities to engage with key port suppliers to gain insights into new technology, new services and new products on the market that will assist in improving management practices. Details on our upcoming conference can be found at: www.PacificPortsConference.com.


Pacific Ports Magazine — In keeping with the mandate of the APP, Pacific Ports Magazine allows members to share insights, announcements and news of projects and activities; and solutions to issues that other ports may be experiencing. Currently published three times per year, Pacific Ports Magazine is mailed to ports and port stakeholders throughout the Pacific (including non-members). APP offers writing services at no charge to produce articles for members who do not have that resource in-house.

 E-NewsDistributed twice per month, the APP E-News is emailed to an active list of approximately 3,000 contacts within the Pacific Port Community. In addition to providing updates on APP activities, the E-News features timely press releases and information from Members (a service exclusive to Members only).


APP acts as a liaison between Port Members and Associate Members (businesses and organizations who support the goals of the APP and its Port Members), providing connections for expertise and knowledge. In addition, the APP has developed key relationships with trade publications, not-for-profit trade associations, and government stakeholders to facilitate enquiries from Port Members who require assistance with issues being experienced.


One of the key goals of the APP is to allow Port Members to learn from each other in the areas of governance, management, and operations as well as identify opportunities for collaboration. Port Members who participate in the APP are demonstrating a commitment to encourage and facilitate the port sector of the marine industry to become an efficient, fluid, and cost-effective partner in the global supply chain.


Every Member can access business development and marketing opportunities offered by the APP, including:

  • Dedicated page on the APP website (pacificports.org).
  • Use of APP’s in-house writers for drafting of news releases and development of advertisements and marketing materials.
  • Three months of free on-line banner advertising (plus discounted rates for additional months).
  • Discounted advertising rates for APP communications (Pacific Ports Magazine, APP E-News, web banner ads).

Questions? Contact Jane McIvor (jane@pacificports.org / 604-893-8800) to discuss your priorities and ideas.

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