The recent APP Winter Conference (January 24 to 26, 2024 in Oahu) provided a focused look at the maritime community’s efforts and contributions to assisting Hawaiians on the island of Maui. Moderated by DreanaLee Kalili, Deputy Director, Hawaii Department of Transportation, a panel session on the first morning of the conference saw Greg Chu, General Manager, Container Operations, Matson; Chris Martin, Vice President, Operations, Young Brothers; and Michael Ohashi, General Sales Manager, Pasha Hawaii, The Pasha Group discuss the ways each was able to contribute to the relief and recovery of the Maui fires.

Photo above: Lahaina before and after. Photos courtesy of Greg Chu, Matson.

While a full summary of the session will be featured in the upcoming issue of Pacific Ports Magazine, Dre Kalili highlighted ways in which APP members can help and provided links to two recommended funds that support recovery efforts:

The APP encourages members to contribute.