With marine terminal and rail yard operations in more than 250 strategic locations around the world, SSA Marine is unmatched in skill, experience and productivity. Because we believe in making intentional investments in our people, places and practices that optimize customer service and efficiency at every handling point.

It begins with our greatest assets: our employees. We provide proprietary training that raises job proficiency and fosters creative thinking. In turn, customers reap the benefits of a tenured, highly productive workforce that delivers shorter turn times, responsive service, and the confidence that cargo is being handled with the greatest care and efficiency.

We continually strive to improve and expand our operations – developing new marine, rail and ancillary services, as well as advancing technical innovations to streamline vessel throughput and reduce time in port.

By expanding our reach and capacity, modernizing our processes, and developing our employees, we drive prosperity for our customers around the world.


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Telephone: 206-623-0304

Joe Carrillo, SSA Pacific-Northern California operations (Direct: +1-209-420-5693) – Joe.Carrillo@SSAMarine.com