PortLink is a leading provider of Digital Port solutions offering innovative systems that enable customers to maximize business efficiency, optimize operations, improve safety, and enhance environmental protection.  

PortLink, based in Vancouver, Canada, has been developing specialized solutions for the marine industry since 2007. PortLink provides mission-proven, scalable solutions which are both innovative and user-friendly. Their roots can be traced back to the development of a centralized operations system for the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest port. With the successful implementation at the Port of Vancouver and other maritime organizations/authorities in Western Canada, Evgeny Vdovin (Chief Executive Officer) and Kris English, PortLink (Chief Innovation Officer), saw the potential of what they could offer the global maritime industry and used their customer-centric approach to grow the business and secure a number of valued and prestigious customers. “Having a great solution was only one part of the puzzle, the core of PortLink is our skilled and experienced team of software engineers, project managers, support personal that truly understand how the global marine ecosystem works and were able to adapt to various business practices,” said English.

Innovative maritime solutions  
PortLink has quickly become a leading provider of Digital Port solutions delivering state-of-the-art systems that enable their customers to maximize business efficiency, optimize operations, improve safety, and enhance environmental protection. PortLink’s core solutions include their Port Management Information System (PMIS), Digital Port Solution, and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Solution.

PortLink’s PMIS is a modular application designed to facilitate the planning and management of all port operations. Fully customizable modules allow port staff to manage berths, anchorages, pilots and tugs, resources, vessel visits and marine events (to name just a few), from a singular, user-friendly web-based platform that can be accessed securely by verified users anywhere there is an internet connection (an important consideration during COVID).

Using the Port of Dover as an example, Vdovin noted that over 400 community stakeholders now have access to real-time information via the secure web-based community portal. English explained: “The community portal allows port actors such as agents, ferry operators, and other service providers to access the information they need in a timely manner. They can request services, enter required information and much more. The community portal is an effective tool for streamlining communication between members of the community and the Port Authority.”

Building on the PMIS concept of enhanced efficiency and connecting the marine ecosystem, PortLink’s Digital Port Solution provides a solid foundation for Ports who are digitizing their operations. The solution integrates various components/sources of data to facilitate forecasting, real-time planning, and harmonized collaboration with various port operators. These sources of data include third-party systems, information from terminals, Pilotage Authorities, shipping companies, maritime service providers and others. With PortLink’s Digital Port Solution, the data is collected, integrated, and used to improve decision making, scheduling, use of terminal resources, planning of labor and ensures the most efficient vessel/cargo flow while mitigating any unnecessary congestion.

PortLink’s MDA solution is a single-window, web-based display for enhanced situational awareness. “The MDA solution provides users with consistent, timely and accurate information which is collected and correlated from all the available data,” said Vdovin. “This is what differentiates our solution from many other MDA systems, the “data” that our system can integrate includes vessel schedules, detailed vessel information (cargo, crew, previous incidents, etc.), real-time/predicted met/hydro information, camera networks, AIS, vessel watch lists and much, much more. PortLink’s MDA solution also provides a comprehensive set of tools that are used to visualize vessel trends (density maps), generate reports and facilitate data sharing amongst authenticated users. The solution provides decision support tools for alerting, reporting, and assisting users to manage anomalies. In addition, The MDA solution provides powerful and intuitive features such as the ability to map all critical marine infrastructure (ports, offshore platforms, bridges, etc.) and add detailed information about the infrastructure including response plans, contact personnel, maintenance information and much more.”

The usefulness of PortLink’s solutions during the pandemic cannot be understated. Access to the system is available anywhere there is an internet connection, helping ports achieve isolation and social distancing protocols while still being able to actively monitor and engage in port activities in real-time. And with multiple security platforms and authentication processes, the integrity of the system is strong.

What has led to PortLink’s success?
PortLink has been very busy recently growing their active user base to over 2,600 and they are currently deploying solutions for ports around the world including the Port of Dover (U.K.), TasPorts (Tasmania), Pacific Pilotage Authority (Canada), Foyle Port (Ireland), Callao Port (Peru), Mumbai Port (India), Fullers Ferries (New Zealand), Tangier-Ville (Morocco), and several others. With their solutions processing over 75,000 vessels calls in 2019 alone, the strong demand for their systems comes at a time when many ports are looking into digitization and, with an innovative solution combined with a proven track record, PortLink is being considered by many as the preferred supplier.

“One of the keys to PortLink’s success is that we are large enough and have the experience to handle projects of all sizes and complexity yet, we are small enough to really care about our customers and their specific requirements,” said English with Vdovin adding that “our personalized approach allows us to form partnerships with our customers which we truly value.”

Another key to PortLink’s success has been their focus on providing scalable solutions for ports of all sizes. English said: “We understand that all ports can benefit from what we provide, not just the big ones.” Vdovin added: “We manage all projects the same, we put the same effort and care into every customer, we do our best to understand the port, the personnel and how they do business. This allows us to not only customize our solution, but also tailor our approach for implementation, training, and support to the specific needs of each organization.”

To learn more about PortLink’s offerings, please visit www.portlinkglobal.com or email Kris English (Kris.english@portlink.co).