March 27, 2024 — The Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. launched the new construction project of the Keelung Port Police Corps Office Building. A commencement prayer ceremony was held at 10 a.m. on March 27. In addition to Director Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Huang Junyi, Director of the Police Department Huang Mingzhao, Keelung City Government Qiu Peilin In addition to the deputy mayor, Zhongshan District City Councilors and the local mayor attended the ceremony and prayed for the safety and success of the new project.

Photo above: Praying for the groundbreaking ceremony. From left to right: Chairman You Qidong of Yanwei Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Director Zhang Deyi of the Northern Navigation Center of the Harbor Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation, Director Secretary Huang Junyi of the Ministry of Interior, Vice Mayor Qiu Peilin of the Keelung Municipal Government, and General Manager Gao Chuankai of the Keelung Port Branch, Director of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior Huang Mingzhao, Captain Lin Wenwen of the Keelung Port Police Corps, Deputy General Manager of Xue Jinping Architects Su Liheng.
General Manager Gao Chuankai of the Keelung Port Branch said that the original office building of the Keelung Port Police Corps is located between Piers 4 and 5 on the East Coast. It has been in use for more than 50 years (113). Because the existing East Coast Pier has been separated into two sections for a long time, This makes it impossible to connect the port supply and transportation operations with the transportation operations, making it even more awkward after the military port is relocated. This new construction project is located in Section 2 of Zhongshan Road on the West Bank, next to the Keelung Port Brigade of the Port Fire Brigade. In order to speed up the implementation of the relocation plan and ensure seamless integration of major projects, a two-stage process is adopted. In the first phase, the new office building of the Keelung Port Police Corps on the west coast will be constructed first. In the second phase, the relocation of the Keelung Port Police Corps on the east coast will be carried out and the demolition of the old site will continue. After the old port police building is demolished, the space after the military port is relocated will be able to connect the east coast operation space. In the future, the introduction of logistics and cruise ship supply operations will enable the Keelung Port Area to maintain its existing passenger and freight functions and take into account water-friendly tourism. It is expected that safety of new projects comes first, and construction and supervision manufacturers are required to proceed as scheduled and with high quality under the premise of zero work safety.

The “Keelung Port Police Corps Office Building New Construction Project” requires approximately NT$431 million. The bid was awarded on December 26 last year. The construction period is 498 calendar days. The new construction project is expected to be completed in July 2014. Later, the goal was to complete the relocation and demolition of the old site before the end of 2015, creating a win-win situation for Keelung City, Keelung Port and port police needs.