November 25, 2022 — In order to implement government policies, the Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. has spared no effort in attracting investment in the free trade port area in recent years. With the concept of domestic and foreign customs, it creates added value to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. The scope of the Taipei Port Free Trade Port Area includes the East Wharf Area, North 3 to North 6 Wharfs of the Container Storage and Transportation Center in the North Wharf Area, the logistics storage area, and the South Wharf, with a total area of ​​158.2 hectares. There are currently 8 free port areas in Taipei Port The business stationed in this year, the trade volume and value of the Taipei Free Trade Port Zone from January to October this year were 158,100 tons and 73.209 billion yuan.

In order to strengthen the industrial strength of the northern region and strengthen the industrial links between the port area and neighboring regions, the Keelung Port Branch held a briefing on investment promotion activities in the northern region on November 25 (111) at the 8th floor of the Taipei Port Administration Building. The response to this explanatory meeting was overwhelming, attracting more than 29 manufacturers and nearly 50 manufacturers’ representatives. In addition to being presided over by Song Yijin, the deputy general manager of Keelung Port Branch, the meeting was specially designed to help the industry better understand the operation of the free trade port zone. Invite those who have outstanding performance in the Taipei Port Free Trade Port Zone – Yangming Shipping Group affiliates Haolihe International Logistics Co., Ltd. and Taipei Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. to explain the free trade port zone to the industry with their rich operating experience Preferential niches, bidding operations, customs procedures and their modes of operation. After the briefing, a special visit to the industry will be arranged. By visiting the warehouse in the Taipei Free Trade Port Zone, we will gain an in-depth understanding of the actual operation of the Free Trade Port Zone, and provide on-the-spot consultation and matchmaking for interested business owners.

Taipei Port is adjacent to the greater Taipei metropolitan area. Not only is the supply of goods abundant, it is also adjacent to Taoyuan International Airport, and it also has the advantages of sea and air transport. The operation mode of the free trade port area is very diverse. It is possible to work together in the form of subcontracting and processing in the front shop and the back factory to integrate the upstream and downstream supply chains. For automobile logistics, ocean express delivery, sea-air combined transport, multi-country cargo consolidation business, agricultural product transportation and marketing, medical equipment industry, smart logistics and other value-added industries, free trade port areas are all enterprises that can take advantage of Taiwan’s advantages to diversify and integrate The springboard to enter the world, the outsourcing processing model can further connect the inside and outside of the port area, and give full play to Taiwan’s industrial and technological advantages.