November 3, 2020 — The APP is pleased to announce that Innovative Manufacturing Inc. is the latest company to join as an Associate Member. Specializing in a wide range of anti-corrosion, insulation, sealing and repair products, Innovative’s Marine Division Manager, Adam Eweida, saw a fit with the APP given their worldwide distribution. “The global cost of corrosion has been estimated to be as much as $2.5 trillion and the marine industry accounts for roughly 20 per cent of that figure,” he said, quoting a study from the NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International and adding that the same study found a saving of 15 to 35 per cent of the cost of damage with the implementation of corrosion preventative measures. “The marine industry is especially vulnerable to corrosion as harsh ocean conditions result in compromised metal surfaces. Innovative Manufacturing provides solutions to protect against these deteriorating effects, especially for infrastructure like marine pilings.”


Established in 1948, Innovative Manufacturing is a family-owned business headquartered in Delta, British Columbia. Growth in both the development of new products and their distribution chains can be credited to a strong research and development department where the team continuously explores ways to improve existing products and develop new ones in conjunction with partners and customers.

Over the years, the company has branched out to offer products for the marine, industrial and construction industries in over 36 countries around the world. “We have non-exclusive distributor agreements in both the U.S. and Canada which allows us to sell direct as well as hold stock throughout North America, including hubs around Seattle, New Orleans, New Jersey, Vancouver, Prince Rupert and Montreal,” said Eweida. “Our ability to meet deadlines is a credit to the logistics team we have in place.”

Another key focus for Innovative has been their commitment to working with class societies to provide assurances to customers that products meet the highest standards. Working with American Bureau of Shipping, China Classification Society, ClassNK, DNV-GL, Korean Register, Lloyd’s Register, and Italy’s RINA Group, Innovative has invested significantly into certifying their products to conform with international regulations.


While it’s the Marine Division that focuses on corrosion protection for vessels, ports and terminals, other divisions and products can also be applied to on-land sites such as marinas, seawall walkways, and other installations that require protection. Examples include:

  • Wood coatings — Innovative specializes in European-style wood coatings that include solvent and water-borne stains and lacquers that meet environmental standards.
  • Concrete coatings – products include cleaners, curing compounds, sealers, anti-slip additives, water repellents, and bonding agents.
  • Pavement – products that are known for their superior durability, easy application and minimal environmental impact.
  • Roofing – Innovative is Western Canada’s leading manufacturer for roofing and mastics. With elastomeric polymer bases and energy-saving reflective coatings, products include primers, a wide variety of roofing products and specialty coatings.
  • Waterproofing – products designed for a wide range of applications.

As noted however, Marine products are designed specifically for the protection and maintenance of marine industry components with the greatest potential for corrosion or leakage. Examples include:

  • PetroWrap Anti-Corrosion Tape for the long-term protection of metal surfaces that are underground, underwater, or exposed, even in the most severe environments. PetroWrap repels water, salt, alkalis, and acids and can protect both new and corroded surfaces with a temperature variance of between -40 to +85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185 F), making it an ideal solution for marine pilings. The tape will not crack, peel, or harden and is non-toxic.
  • CanSeal Marine Tape – Available as a premium quality, heavy duty roll-type marine hatch cover tape. Designed with a high tack adhesive mastic and silver backing, CanSeal is the best choice to ensure hatch covers are watertight for all-weather conditions.
  • ExoWrap Insulation System – a ‘one-step’ insulation system used to insulate high temperature surfaces, such as those found in vessel engine rooms. The revolutionary biosoluble vitreous silicate fibre is reinforced by an outer jacket of heat-sealed aluminum foil (available in tape or blanket format).
  • NoSpray Protective Tape and Shields – both products are designed to prevent the flammable spray of hot oil which can come into contact with hot surfaces, thus causing fires.
  • SteamKote HT Pipe Dressing – a high temperature coating formulated to protect against corrosion on steam pipes, valves, and deck equipment.
  • CanFix Emergency Repair Kit – a complete system for making emergency repairs to a wide variety of pipe materials. Used by both the U.S. and Canadian Navies, CanFix is a simple way to seal and repair pipes on vessels when not in drydock.

Future development

With a name like Innovative Manufacturing, you can be sure the continuous development of new products and the evolution of existing products is high on their list of priorities. “Our 57,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Delta includes a full chemistry lab with a team dedicated to exploring new products and new formulas for existing products,” said Eweida. “We’re always monitoring industry developments and assessing where the market is going and adapt accordingly. For example, the recent introduction of ballast water management systems on vessels has us looking at how we can prevent corrosion of the tanks. Another example would be our PetroWrap product. We are working with a customer who would like a lighter product and we came up with a product called profiling mastic, a lighter version of our traditional mastic.”

For over 70 years, Innovative Manufacturing has proven itself time and time again to be on the leading edge of innovation and ingenuity when it comes to addressing industry and customer needs.

For more information, visit or contact Adam Eweida directly at Or view our summary of Innovative’s offering here: