For more than 40 years, Northern Economics has been Alaska’s trusted economics expert. Increasingly, our clients’ trust has allowed us to perform meaningful, unbiased analyses of projects throughout Alaska, across the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Our clients’ confidence in our services is founded in our over 40-year track record and our ability to bring clarity to complex issues through meaningful economic, financial and planning analysis. We have a well-earned reputation for transforming data into wisdom for our clients, enabling them to make better decisions.

Northern Economics’ performance is the direct result of our excellent staff. Our professionals are experts in economics, financial feasibility analysis, business planning, demographics and population studies, resource economics, market research and socioeconomic impact assessment.

Simply put, we know where to look and how to weigh multiple variables to interpret data without bias.

Northern Economics has extensive experience in waterfront and harbor development planning and has played a pivotal role in the expansion of many port facilities. We investigate demand, feasibility, and access issues for small boat harbors, vessel haul-out and maintenance facilities, cruise ship terminals, general cargo docks, bulk materials terminals, and fuel terminals. The scale of these projects has ranged from large deep-draft ports at Anchorage and Unalaska/Dutch Harbor to barge landings in Kuskokwim and Yukon River communities. Our knowledge of the fishing industry in Alaska, the nation, and the Pacific Rim, our longstanding engagement in port development, and work over the years for the Alaska Marine Highway System also contribute to our knowledge of the marine shipping industry where we often prepare forecasts of vessel traffic for new industrial or port development.

Clients have included numerous cities and boroughs, state and federal government agencies, native and tribal entities, public organizations, and private-sector firms, seeking assistance with projects like feasibility studies, benefit-cost analyses, business planning, market analyses, grant assistance, regulatory compliance, rate studies, surveys, and land use assessments.


Head Office:
PO Box 110914
Anchorage, AK  99511-0914 USA

Telephone: 907-274-5600

Email contact form: https://northerneconomics.com/contact

Seattle Office: 206-747-8475

Marcus Hartley, President and Principal Economist
Mike Fisher, Vice President and Principal Consultant
Diane Sauer, Office Manager and Principal
Leah Cuyno, Senior Economist
Terri McCoy, Publication Specialist and Proposal Coordinator
Don Schug, Socioeconomic Analyst
Melissa Errend, Economist