With over 120 years developing advanced solutions for the U.S. and international markets, NEC delivers highly dependable services and technologies with one of the most innovative portfolios of communications, analytics, security, digital transformation and infrastructure services and solutions.

Our ultimate goal is to help our customers succeed and we do this by improving the way people live, work and communicate.

NEC is enabling new approaches in how Communications and IT services are delivered and managed so organizations can operate more safely and efficiently including delivering more engaging customer experiences. Found in over 160 countries and with over 110,000 employees worldwide, NEC is a reliable and stable partner whose mission is to realize an information-enabled society.

As an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader with 120 years of expertise, NEC has leveraged its adaptive solutions to enable individuals and enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries to achieve more flexible, secure and responsive work environments.

For ports (and airports), the options are endless:

  • Aviation innovation on one platform — Travelers can now enjoy a touchless personalized journey with NEC I:Delight. Our secure digital identity management platform provides a unified experience for a variety of aviation services using a unique Digital ID to transform the passenger curb-to-gate journey.
  • Energy storage solutions — As the industry leader in smart, efficient, cost-effective energy solutions, we are transforming the energy market and improving social infrastructure around the world. Learn more about which of our cutting-edge products is best for you and discover the enormous benefits of energy storage.
  • Strengthening on-site safety through increased awareness — Prioritizing those areas and facilities that are most essential and building physical and visual safeguards that effectively regulate access can help minimalize incidences that make organizations vulnerable to security threats and risks. By being able to understand site activity and actively manage situations, organizations become more effective in protecting their facilities and employees through the ability to respond appropriately when needed.
  • IoT — As the number of connected devices continue to multiple and the quantity of data collected and analyzed from them improve, IoT’s ability as a powerful change agent strengthens too. Already IoT is creating new digital platforms as well as emerging business and social models. These are being built on transformational advances that can offer both economic and environmental benefits such as:
    • Enabled environments — Responsive networked ecosystems that are steadily more aware and connected.
    • Artificial intelligence — The gathering and analysis of synchronized information in support of real-time predictive and actionable insight.
    • Shared knowledge — Solutions that enhance access and usage on individual and group levels to drive performance and promote greater wellbeing.
    • Enhanced efficiencies — Connected processes that save time, reduce costs and increase collaboration in scope and impact.
    • Greater functionality — Smarter, safer and more secure efficiencies that deliver improved performance and outcomes.
  • Smart manufacturing — Through increased automation and greater data mining time, complexity and cost reductions across plant facilities and within the supply chain become more transparent, predictable and easier to scrutinize. Such heightened insight lends itself to new operating models and the detection of growth and modernization opportunities.
  • Preparedness — As technology continues to redefine how organizations operate, success is increasingly becoming defined by the speed in which change is made and opportunities are managed. Whether an emerging business model or a potential break in the market it comes down to having the resources to act quickly and the confidence to do things differently.

NEC’s wide range of products provide integrated solutions including advanced recognition systems, analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud and cloud data management, communications platforms, data networking, phones, microwave radio, physical security redundancy and much more.

Flexible Financing Options

With NEC Financial Services’ full portfolio of services and leasing offerings, your complete technology environment from hardware to software and everything in between can easily be financed. We will work with you individually to customize a package with low monthly payments to fit your unique requirements.


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