With a mission to optimize how society adapts to changing marine environments by providing data that drives solutions, MarineLabs has developed CoastAware — a network of “CoastScout” units that can record and transmit ocean information at super high resolution in real time. Data, including wind, waves, vessel wakes and more, is readily accessible to port operators through a subscription-based, web, mobile or API platform. The up-to-the-minute information allows for weather-critical maritime operating decisions in a rapidly changing ocean environment.

The CoastAware platform offers access to real-time measurement and historical analysis of wind, wave, and marine traffic data. CoastAware insights support high-fidelity decision-making by port operators, transport safety managers, climate resilience scientists and coastal engineers.

With a CoastAware subscription, users are freed from buoy operations; will have no surprise expenses; and no maintenance requirements. Up-to-the-minute updates are integrated into existing user systems and include sea-state based alerts.

CoastScout sensors can be located wherever needed with options available to use the existing fleet; convert existing navigational aids into real-time data locations; or commission a new data location as required.


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