Taiwan’s four port authorities, Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hualien, were originally administrative units under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. In the planning of government organizational reform, known issues and problems were raised and a decision to separate business management from the administrative system was made with reference to the maritime management systems of other developed nations. Under this framework, the four port authorities were consolidated into the Maritime and Port Bureau (MPB) and the Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd. The former acts as a government body in charge of maritime and port-related public administration, and the latter is an independent business in charge of business management and development.

The functions of the MPB include:

  • Drafting of related legislation, administration policies, and development plans of sea shipping industry, vessel, maritime labor, maritime affair and commercial port.
  • Planning, implementation, and supervision of shipping industry, vessel inspection institutions, maritime labor and vessel operating training institutions and commercial port operation businesses.
  • Planning, implementation, and supervision of the cooperation of international sea shipping, joint operation institutions and maritime order management.
  • Planning, implementation, and supervision of vessel inspection and measurement, registration and navigation safety.
  • Planning, implementation, and supervision of maritime labor and vessel operation training, license issuance and examination administration.
  • Planning, implementation, and supervision of maritime affairs and piloting operations.
  • Supervision of commercial ports and port area free trade zones, and construction management of public infrastructures.
  • Planning, construction, maintenance, supervision, and management of aids to navigation and promotion of navigation safety.
  • Collection, compilation, and implementation of international sea shipping regulations, treaties, agreements, and norms and standards.
  • Planning, implementation, and supervision of other port related affairs.


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Mr. Weng (ycweng@motcmpb.gov.tw)
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