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As a Canadian-owned, B.C.-based company with approximately 2,550 employees, FortisBC delivers natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy solutions to more than 1.2 million customers in 135 communities throughout the province. They own and operate approximately 50,182 kilometres of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines, 7,335 kilometres of electric transmission and distribution power lines, and two LNG facilities – the Mt. Hayes facility located inland on Vancouver Island, and the Tilbury Island facility in Delta, B.C. It is FortisBC’s Tilbury facility that will be of most interest to APP members.

In operation since 1971, the Tilbury LNG facility was originally built to produce and store LNG to ensure energy needs of its customers were met during periods of high demand during the winter. Since 2016, the facility has also produced LNG for marine transportation including vessels in the fleets of BC Ferries and Seaspan Ferries. The custom-built on-board tanker trailer-to-ship bunkering operation was the first of its kind in North America, allowing simple drive-in, on-deck refuelling. To ensure safe and efficient implementation of this new approach to fueling, FortisBC also develops and delivers the training and certification materials required of third-party drivers who operate the LNG marine tanker trailers. Today, BC Ferries has five LNG-fueled vessels in operation and Seaspan Ferries has two, with two more going into service this year.  Since commencing on-board LNG bunkering operations, FortisBC has completed over 3000 individual bunkering events.


16705 Fraser Highway
Surrey, B.C. V4N 0E8
Telephone: 604-576-7000

Key contacts:
Sarah Smith, Director, Low Carbon Transportation & LNG Business Growth – sarah.smith2@fortisbc.com
Arvind Ramakrishnan, Senior Manager, LCT & LNG Business Growth – arvind.ramakrishnan@fortisbc.com