Vancouver, British Columbia-based GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. has been making waves in the container terminal industry for over a hundred years. Our subsidiary, GCT Canada (formerly TSI Terminal Systems Inc.), has been operating on the West Coast since 1907 and is responsible for running both GCT Vanterm and GCT Deltaport. Beyond operating these facilities, GCT Canada has also played a major role in developing Canada’s Pacific Gateway.

Our two East Coast facilities, GCT Bayonne (formerly Global Terminal) and GCT New York (formerly New York Container Terminal) were established in 1972 and 1995, respectively.

Our high standards, customer focus, and leadership in safety, innovation, and automation have led to stable, long-term relationships with the majority of the world’s largest carriers.

GCT has always been committed to the growth and sustainability of the communities and ports in which we operate. As we grow as a company, we will continue to support and protect the people, wildlife, and land around us.

With a focus on the future and our customers’ ever-growing needs, GCT is implementing several unique expansion projects that will strengthen our leadership position and support the growing capacity needs of our industry.

At a glance:
  • GCT Deltaport | Delta, British Columbia
    Visit the GCT Deltaport website.
    Located in the outer harbour of the Port of Vancouver, GCT Deltaport is Canada’s flagship container terminal and the most advanced and largest on-dock rail facility in North America. Designed with the technology to handle the largest vessels and surges with ease and keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the industry. Features include: 1.9 million TEU annual rail capacity; serviced by two Class 1 railways with the option to add a  third; 21+ key rail destinations in Canada and the U.S.; unsurpassed surge capacity plus fastest transit times; and cutting-edge terminal technology and software.Facility details:

    • Size — 85 hectares (210 acres)
    • Berth length — 1,100 metres (3,609 feet)
    • Depth — 15.9 metres (52 feet) MLW
    • STS Cranes — 10 Super Post Panamax, 2 Megamax
    • Truck gates — Predictable 16-hour weekday gate operations, weekends as required. Mandatory truck appointments
    • Intermodal yard — On-dock, 8,334 metres (27,350 feet)
    • Shore power — Yes
    • Container Examination Facility — New near-dock container examination facility reduces potential delays
  • GCT Vanterm | Vancouver, British Columbia
    Visit the GCT Vanterm website.
    Situated in Vancouver’s inner harbour, GCT Vanterm is renowned as one of the most productive terminals in North America. Upcoming terminal upgrades will make service at GCT Vanterm more streamlined and better equipped to handle even larger vessels. Features include: Shorter port stays and leading truck transaction times; dual railway access; recently modernized equipment fleet to better service larger vessels; and two new megamax ship-to-shore cranes (going into service in 2021).Facility details:

    • Size — 31 hectares (76 acres)
    • Berth length — 619 metres (2,030 feet)
    • Depth — 15.5 metres (51 feet) MLW
    • STS Cranes — 5 Super Post Panamax, 2 Megamax
    • Truck gates — 15-hour weekday gate operations, weekends as required. Mandatory truck appointments
    • Intermodal yard — On-dock, 9 tracks, 2,926.1 metres (9,600 feet)
  • GCT  Bayonne | Bayonne, New Jersey
    Visit the GCT Bayonne website.
    Strategically located outside the inner harbor, semi-automated GCT Bayonne is the most efficient terminal in the Port of New York and New Jersey and one of the most technologically advanced facilities in North America. Features include: GCT-operated on-dock rail facility; high-speed gate complex with time-saving truck appointments; no air or water draft restrictions; closest terminal to harbor entrance, reducing vessel transit time by four hours; and direct access to North East Highway system.Facility details:

    • Size — 197 acres (79.9 hectares)
    • Berth length — 2,700 feet (823 meters)
    • Depth — 50 feet (15.2 meters) MLW
    • Truck gates — high-speed, high-definition OCR portal and truck reservation system
    • Intermodal yard — On-dock, full service, 30 acres (12.1 hectares)
  • GCT New York | Staten Island, New York
    Visit the GCT New York website.
    Dedicated to providing best-in-class service, GCT New York offers seamless access to consumer markets in New York City and New Jersey. Located on Staten Island, the bustling terminal consistently delivers both the highest productivity in the harbor and leading truck turn times. Features include: GCT-operated on-dock rail facility; industry-leading reliable turn times; GCT-operated near-dock Customs Examination Station; quickest truck turn times in NY/NJ; and on-dock reefer warehouse.Facility details:

    • Size — 187 acres (58 hectares)
    • Berth length — 3,012 feet (918 meters)
    • Depth — 50 feet (15.2 meters) MLW
    • Truck gates — 24 paperless, computerized gates
    • Intermodal yard — On-dock, full service, 20 acres (8.1 hectares)

Head Office:
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