GCT Global Container Terminals (GCT) is a leader in container terminal innovation and performance, operating strategically located gateway terminals in Port of Vancouver, Canada. Our terminals offer world-class on-dock rail, leading productivity, and award-winning customer service and safety. This provides customers and cargo owners with consistent access to and from North America’s largest markets.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, GCT is the largest majority-Canadian-owned container terminal operator and operates two Green Marine-certified gateway terminals: GCT Vanterm in Vancouver and GCT Deltaport in Delta.

Our terminals boast some of the most advanced and largest semi-automated on-dock rail facilities in North America.  This superior technology along with our skilled teams ensure our customers have access to surge capacity and avoid disruptions so their cargo is delivered reliably.  Through the utilization of custom technology and digital twinning, GCT is continuing to break records for rail service and is renowned for its semi-automated intermodal yard at GCT Deltaport.

GCT has always been committed to the growth and sustainability of the communities and ports in which we operate. As we grow as a company, we will continue to support and protect the people, wildlife, and land around us.

In 2023, GCT was proud to formalize our commitment to emissions reduction by signing onto the federal Net Zero 2050 Challenge. We are actively investing in state-of-the-art technologies that enhance operational efficiency while reducing emissions and energy consumption. This underscores GCT’s dedication to environmental stewardship, innovation, and social responsibility, and we believe it is our responsibility—not only as a business but also as good neighbours—to ensure the future of generations to come.

There’s a century of experience behind us, yet we’re more forward-looking than ever. From constant process refinement, to continually investing in our business to help our customers grow we pride ourselves on being in sync with the evolving needs of the industry. That’s Synchronized Logistics.

At a glance:

  • GCT Deltaport | Delta, British Columbia
    Located in the outer harbour of the Port of Vancouver, GCT Deltaport is Canada’s flagship container terminal and the most advanced and largest on-dock rail facility in North America. Designed with the technology to handle the largest vessels and surges with ease and keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Features include: 3.2 million TEU annual capacity; serviced by two Class 1 railways with the option to add a  third; 21+ key rail destinations in Canada and the U.S.; unsurpassed surge capacity plus fastest transit times; and cutting-edge terminal technology and software.

Facility details:

    • Size — 85 hectares (210 acres)
    • Berth length — 1,100 metres (3,609 feet)
    • Depth — 15.9 metres (52 feet) MLW
    • STS Cranes — 10 Super Post Panamax, 2 Megamax
    • Intermodal yard — On-dock, 8,334 metres (27,350 feet)
    • Shore power — Yes
    • CBSA Container Examination Facility —near-dock container examination facility reduces potential delays
  • GCT Vanterm | Vancouver, British Columbia
    Situated in Vancouver’s inner harbour, GCT Vanterm is renowned as one of the most productive terminals in North America. Upcoming terminal upgrades will make service at GCT Vanterm more streamlined and better equipped to handle even larger vessels.

Features include: Shorter port stays and leading truck transaction times; dual railway access; recently modernized equipment fleet to better service larger vessels; and two new megamax ship-to-shore cranes.

Facility details:

    • Size — 31 hectares (76 acres)
    • Berth length — 619 metres (2,030 feet)
    • Depth — 15.5 metres (51 feet) MLW
    • STS Cranes — 5 Super Post Panamax, 2 Megamax
    • Intermodal yard — On-dock, 9 tracks, 2,926.1 metres (9,600 feet)

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