September 1, 2023 — The Commonwealth Ports Authority has successfully secured funding through the FY 2023 Port Security Grant Program. This grant is highly competitive, and CPA was fortunate to receive a grant of $271,584, which will be used to purchase and install new CCTV systems for the seaports located on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. This improved system will enable our Ports Police and FSOs to effectively monitor and secure the safety and welfare of all of CPA’s personnel, assets, critical sites, and facilities, both on land and sea.

The improvement will enhance port security by closing surveillance gaps and restoring full coverage to an optimum level for Saipan, Tinian, and Rota’s seaports. Additionally, it will greatly enhance CPA’s Seaport core capabilities. Additionally, it will significantly increase security and safety by enabling on-the-scene assessments.

This project involves replacing the current surveillance setup with a more resilient, modernized system. Currently, the Port of Saipan has operating cameras, but they experience bandwidth deficiencies due to unstable internet connectivity, which can be tied to high wind exposure. The Tinian and Rota Seaport cameras are currently obsolete. With the new CCTV systems, we aim to make our seaports safer and more secure for all port users.

We thank the USCG Captain of the Port, Nicholas Simmons for endorsing this project and USCG MSD/Sector Guam for their continued support and guidance in ensuring the safety and security of the CNMI ports.