April 14, 2023 — In order to strengthen the control and management of personnel and vehicles entering and exiting the International Commercial Port Control Zone, Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. completed the revision of the “Instructions for Application and Use of International Commercial Port Control Zone Permits” and officially implemented it on April 6, 2012. In response to the revision of the new system, each branch of the company invited the shipping companies in the port area to hold an explanation meeting to publicize the new system regulations before the implementation. In the future, the implementation of the new system will continue to be reviewed and adjusted on a rolling basis to take into account the strictness of security management in the port area. Access control convenience.

According to the newly revised application and use instructions, the key points are as follows:

(1) Comprehensively promote the electronicization of pass records: the relevant regulations on the electronic pass records have been updated, the paper application at the counter has been cancelled, and the online application, review, and verification procedures have been fully promoted to ensure relevant information correctness. And when entering and exiting the control station, it will sense the pass (or scan the ID card) and the license plate to keep a complete pass record.

(2) Addition of zoning management norms: According to the passing area, reason for entering the port, and work place applied by the operator, a pass for an appropriate zoning will be issued. Personnel and vehicles should enter and exit the control area according to the allowed area, and pass the pass at the control station. (or scan the ID card) and the license plate to compare the area allowed by the pass. If there is any discrepancy, the warning will remind the port police to check to ensure that the personnel move within the allowed area.

(3) The pre-registration process of the port operator is added to the “Current Pass”: personnel entering the port area at the current time should first be registered by the port operator before passing through the “Pass Pass Mobile Network-Current Pass Information Application System” ( https://m-hep.twport.com.tw/hep.php )” to enter personal information and mobile phone number to verify and apply for the “Current Pass”.

(4) The maximum validity period of the “Period Pass” has been adjusted from 5 years to 3 years, so as to increase the frequency of re-examination of the application requirements for the Port Pass to ensure the validity of the pass.

(5) Adding penalties for violations and improper use of passes: for individuals who exceed the permitted area or time limit, and who do not actually sense the pass (or scan the ID card) when entering or leaving the port area, set a period of time to stop applying for a pass. . In addition, the company that applied for the port pass did not implement the personnel and vehicle pass management department and the corresponding punishment mechanism, so as to strengthen the management responsibility of the port pass application unit.

The international port is an important key infrastructure of the country. In order to implement and strengthen the management of personnel and vehicles entering the port, after reviewing and improving the system and equipment, the port company will implement relevant advanced measures for port entry and exit control from April 6th of this year (112) , and look forward to requesting the cooperation of the port industry that enters and exits the port. The details and instructions of the new system can also be downloaded from the “Permit Information Website ( https://hep.twport.com.tw/portal/ )”. The port company will also continue to improve and review according to the implementation situation, so as to ensure the safety of the port area and provide a convenient operating environment for operators who need to enter the port.