March 26, 2023 — In order to cooperate with the country’s policy of promoting offshore wind power generation, Taiwan Port Corporation Limited held the ” Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New Construction of Taichung Port No. 37 and No. 38 Piers” at the rear of Taichung Port No. 38 on March 26 . Noted attendees included Luo Bingcheng, Political Affairs Member of the Executive Yuan; Qi Wenzhong, Executive Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Communications; You Zhenwei, Director of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs; Vice President Cai Qichang of the Legislative Yuan; Lin Jingyi, Legislative Councilor;  Legislative Councilor He Xinchun; and Director Guo Zhiwen of the Transportation Bureau of the Taichung City Government. The Secretary came to pray for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new construction of wharfs 37 and 38 in the Port of Taichung . The ceremony was a great success.

Li Xianyi, Chairman of the Port, said that since 2014 , he has started the evaluation and planning of the wind power heavy-lift terminal in Taichung Port, and has successively rebuilt the existing terminal and built a new heavy-lift terminal. Since 2018, # 2 , # 5A , #5B , # Piers 36 , #106 and #107 are used by manufacturers of offshore wind turbine pre-assembly and localization of wind power. At present, the construction of wind farms such as Ocean (128MW) , Taipower Phase I (109.2MW) and Sea Power (376MW) have been completed, and there is still capacity (640MW), Dachanghua (900MW) , Changfang West Island (600MW) and other wind farms are under construction. In recent years, the new crown pneumonia (COVID-19) has been raging around the world, and the construction schedule of China’s offshore wind farms has also been affected. Faced with the extended storage time or increased demand for storage area proposed by the industry, the Port has actively allocated resources to provide assistance.

Group photo of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new construction of Piers 37 and 38 in Taichung Port

In line with the national offshore wind power policy 2025 ahead of the grid connection of wind farms and the needs of block development, the Port invested 3.5 billion yuan (US$508.8 million) to build two heavy-duty wharves, including No. 37 and No. 38 in Taichung Port. The total length of the shoreline is 580 meters, and each square metric bearing capacity can reach up to 40 metric tons, and will be pre-assembled as an offshore wind turbine. By providing high-quality offshore wind power port infrastructure, the construction capacity of Taiwan’s offshore wind farms will be increased, and the development schedule of the second phase will be accelerated, and it will be used for the development and use of the third phase of offshore wind power after 2026.

According to the third-stage block development policy of offshore wind power announced by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, it is estimated that after 2026, there will be a development capacity of 1.5GW per year. It is estimated that there will be three wind farms per year based on the upper limit of 500MW for a single wind farm . After checking the basic amount of ports Yes, after the completion of the newly-built ” Piers 37 and 38 of Taichung Port”, Taichung Port plans to provide three major pre-assembly bases, including#5A , #5B , #36 , #37 and #38 piers can provide three wind farms at the same time, and reduce the impact of large-scale wind turbine components on land transportation in the port area by means of settlement and regionalization, and arrange in advance to handle “south filling District embankment land reclamation (50 hectares ) ” and “Baobao forest deconstruction (47 hectares ) “, so that each pre-assembled wharf is equipped with more than 30 hectares of land behind the line to store and store wind turbine components, which meets the needs of each wind field development provided by the industry The 400m wharf is matched with the demand of 30 hectares of land. It can also respond to the development trend of floating wind turbines in the future, and cooperate with the “localization zone” in Taichung Port to exert the synergy effect of the overall industrial development, and use offshore wind power to foster the development of emerging industries and improve personnel training. Let Taiwan stand on the international stage.