February 12, 2023 — Hualien Port Branch establishes a logistics and distribution base for service providers. According to the development plan for the future development and construction of the international commercial port (111-115 years), it is located north of Jilin Road and east of Minsheng Road, adjacent to County Road 193 in Hualien County. The 3.9 hectares of land set up a logistics area, which has the development advantages of complete blocks and convenient transportation. In order to strengthen the conditions and integrity of the infrastructure land base in the commercial port area, the land preparation project is planned and is expected to be completed in late December 2011.

Since 2011, the Hualien Port Branch has carried out a land preparation project for the landform with a height difference of about 4 meters on the south side of the base near Minsheng Road. The project plan is to prevent the continuous accumulation of water from affecting the east side slope and the drainage box culvert to stabilize the earthwork and strengthen the port area. For land integrity and earthwork balance, 114 concrete foundation blocks made by the Hualien Port Branch Company’s harbor construction fund from 108 to 2010 were used as the gravity retaining wall units on the east and south sides of the base, and the existing earthwork and earthwork in the port area were used. Removal of concrete and rocks (including waste earth and stones designated by the branch) to fill the leased land is also a carbon reduction practice for public engineering resource recycling, and a complete logistics distribution base is provided to meet the investment and development needs of this block. If necessary, it can be delivered to the business unit of the branch company in late December 2011 for investment promotion planning, and logistics companies are also welcome to enter and operate.