From the August issue of Pacific Ports Magazine…

If there’s one take-away from this year’s Port Activity Update, it’s that those with a strategy of diversifying their port’s activities are weathering the storm that is 2020. Another takeaway is the stellar response from port management and executive. Without exception, each port activity update highlights sensible and measured steps taken to ensure supply chains remain fluid, staff are protected from the spread of COVID-19, and forecasts and budgets are adjusted quickly to ensure sustainable port operations.

While ports around the world — and the economies they support — are experiencing the loss of cruise ship seasons, blank sailings, interrupted supply chains and staff layoffs, APP Members are holding steady and responding capably. Click on any link below to review the activities of Ports around the Pacific.

American Samoa Port Administration

Port of Alaska

Port of Columbia County

Commonwealth Ports Authority, Northern Mariana Islands

Port of Hueneme

Port of Nanaimo

Port Alberni Port Authority

Port of San Diego

Port of Skagit

Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd.

Port of Umatilla