“Nautica” ship welcome performance

March 10, 2023 — After 3 years, Hualien Port warmly welcomed the first international cruise ship “Nautica”, which lifted the ban on international cruise ships, on March 10, 2012. The ship brought 539 international passengers, and the second ship “Seven Seas Sailor” The ship is expected to bring about 700 international passengers on March 13.

In order to welcome the resumption of international cruise ships, Hualien Port expanded the internal space of the customs clearance station last year, adding the main visual decoration of waves, selling local specialties in the station, and having tea tasting and aboriginal weaving cultural experience. For postcards, stamps and other commodities that tourists like, there are postboxes at the same time to provide postcard mailing services. The Hualien County Government also arranges tourism ambassadors to provide tourist consultation and shore sightseeing transportation by sightseeing taxis. One stop can satisfy international tourists with the convenience of shopping at the station, the richness of cultural exchanges, and the convenience of transportation links. We hope to provide high-quality and diversified services for long-awaited international cruise passengers.

This (112) year also coincides with the 60th anniversary of the opening of Hualien Port as an international commercial port. The Hualien Port Branch also hopes that the resumption of international cruises will serve as the beginning of a series of activities celebrating the 60th anniversary, connecting Hualien Port with international milestones and cruise ships. The combination of the joy of restarting has witnessed that Hualien Port has both sightseeing and recreation, which will drive the prosperity of the local tourism industry. On the day of the event, tugboats will spray water to welcome guests, present commemorative plaques for the maiden voyage, and aboriginal dance performances, making Hualien Port full of joy and prosperity. It brings a lot of popularity and a warm welcome to the “Nautica”, the first international cruise ship to arrive at Hualien Port after the restart of international cruise ships.

In order to promote and promote the tourism industry of Hualien Port, the port company will participate in the Seatrade International Cruise Forum in Fort Lauderdale, USA on March 27, 2012 to actively market Taiwan’s characteristics. It will also provide free docking fees, discounts on passenger service fees and accumulative voyages. Promotional incentives such as discounts, hoping to attract international cruise passengers to visit Taiwan.

At present, there are 9 cruise ships forecast to arrive at Hualien Port in 2011, which are expected to bring 18,300 international passengers throughout the year; 7 international cruise ships have been forecasted in 20113, and the number is gradually increasing.