March 5, 2024 — Off-island FEMA officials took a tour today of the Port Authority of Guam fuel piers that were damaged by Typhoon Marwar.

FEMA’s Michael Plostock, Acting Director, Recovery Division and Michael Gayrard, Region 9 Public Assistance Branch Chief, along with other FEMA officials visited both Golf Pier and F1 Pier to view damage sustained from Typhoon Mawar. The team is on island this week to meet with critical infrastructure grant applicants.

Several of the Port’s maritime and upland assets, to include Golf Pier (currently inoperable) and F1 Pier experienced substantial damage from the severe winds, winddriven rain, and storm surges resulting from the Category 4 typhoon which struck the island on May 24, 2023. FEMA and the Port have made Golf Pier a priority for repairs. After today’s site assessment, the priority for F1 Pier has also been elevated and will be addressed after Golf Pier scope and cost estimates are finalized.

“Repairs to these critical assets and restoring full operations to these piers are of utmost importance for the Port as these are the fuel and cement lifelines to our community,” said Port Authority of Guam General Manager Rory J. Respicio. “We are working closely with FEMA and our Owner Agent Engineer, WSP, to finalize cost estimates to expedite the repair and/or replacement of the piers.”

Other FEMA officials in attendance included Field Coordinating Officer Bern Ruiz, Infrastructure Branch Director Grace Tebarwa, Deputy Infrastructure Branch Director Colby Wright, External Affairs Specialist Antonio Joyce, and Public Assistance Program Coordinator Candise Aragon from the Guam Recovery Office.

Other significant Typhoon Mawar related development is the Port’s no cost scope modification request to MARAD on its $22M Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grant award. This proposal would take allocated funding for F1 Pier repairs and shift it to fund the entire repair for wharves F2 – F6. The Port is finalizing the scope and cost estimate breakdown for submission to MARAD.