May 10, 2021 — The Association of Pacific Ports is pleased to welcome NEC Corporation of America (NEC) as its newest Associate Member.

With over 120 years of technology leadership, NEC delivers one of the industry’s strongest and most innovative portfolios of communications, analytics, security, biometrics, digital transformation and infrastructure services and solutions. NEC Corporation of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global technology leader headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with a presence in 160 countries and $29 billion in revenues.

“NEC has the ability to provide ports with new approaches in how communications and IT services are delivered and managed,” said Michael Mackesy, Manager, Network Connect. “We look forward to collaborating with APP members and lending our extensive experience to achieve more flexible, secure and responsive work environments.”

Established in 1899 as the Nippon Electric Company in Japan, NEC has been a trailblazer in the development of new communications and electronic technologies. Starting with the production, sales, and maintenance of telephones and switches (the electrical component that can connect or disconnect the conducting path of an electrical circuit), NEC’s growth over the next 100 years saw its expansion into phototelegraphic equipment, cable manufacturing, radio communications and radio-broadcast equipment, televisions, as well as the integration of computers and communications. Often the front-runner in introducing new technologies, NEC created the first digital signal processor and one of the first personal computers. In its more recent history, NEC was commissioned to build a super-fast undersea data transmission cable linking the United States and Japan in 2014.

Today, NEC provides integrated solutions that include advanced recognition systems, analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud and cloud data management, communications platforms, data networking, physical security redundancy to name just a few.

As the number of connected devices continue to multiple and the quantity of data collected and analyzed from them improve, NEC’s IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities as a powerful change agent strengthens too. “Already IoT is creating new digital platforms as well as emerging business and social models,” said Mackesy. “These are being built on transformational advances that can offer both economic and environmental benefits.”

He went on to describe responsive networked ecosystems that are steadily more aware and connected and the benefits of artificial intelligence for ports. “The gathering and analysis of synchronized information in support of real-time predictive and actionable information as well as shared knowledge solutions that enhance access and usage on individual and group levels are driving enhanced performance and efficiencies for ports,” Mackesy said. “Connected processes save time, reduce costs and increase collaboration.”

As technology continues to redefine how organizations operate, success is increasingly becoming defined by the speed in which change is made and opportunities are managed. Whether an emerging business model or a potential break in the market it comes down to having the resources to act quickly and the confidence to do things differently. To assist, NEC Financial Services offers a full portfolio of financing and leasing options. “A port’s complete technology environment – from hardware to software and everything in between – can be easily financed,” said Mackesy, adding that NEC works with clients individually to customize the best package for their needs.

For more information about NEC Corporation of America and how it can help forge a path forward for your own company, give either of us a call: Michael Mackesy, 714 394-2750, or, Doug Winnie, 323 203-7413