June 5, 2023 — The team at the Port Authority of Guam have been tirelessly working to restore operations at the Island’s only commercial following the onslaught of Super Typhoon Mawar on May 24.

Frequent updates through social media have followed progress — from an early assessment briefing on May 26 where damage was visible to Piers F3, F4, F5 and F6, as well as portions of the Fender System that were also damaged or broken off. Damage was also reported at the Agat and Agana Marinas.

Only two days after that initial assessment, port operations resumed and on May 28, General Manager Rory J. Respicio reported that a Matson container ship was ready to be offloaded.

The following is the most recent update (June 5, 2023):

Container Operations
Operations are ongoing with the arrival of the Guam Marianas Express Line’s Kota Ratu which is scheduled to discharge 190 containers (6 transshipments, 148 stuffed for Guam, 37 empties) and load back 126 containers.

The Port Authority resumed operations within three days following Typhoon Mawar. Since then a total of 139 reefers and 700 containers containing dry goods have been processed and released into our island community. Matson’s Manukai is scheduled to arrive at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Fuel Operations
Fuel operations continue at F1 Pier with Chang Hang Kai discharging petroleum products. Upon her estimated departure of 10 p.m. tomorrow, Epic St. Kitts will return to discharge the second half of  liquefied petroleum gas for the island.

Marina Operations
Though both marinas sustained extensive damage, the Port’s Commercial Division is working with the U.S. Coast Guard, marina tenants, and industry partners to mitigate the damage. Water and power at both facilities have been restored, however, the Port Facilities Division is actively assessing power restoration for the Hågat Marina’s Docks C and D.

Hagåtña Marina Update
Six vessels at the marina went underwater as a result of Typhoon Mawar. All sunken vessels at this facility have since been lifted and the Port’s Commercial Division, with help from marina tenants, worked to mitigate and contain any oil spills as a result.

Other damages at the facility include damage to the Port Police and Custom and Quarantine Agency’s shared on-site office space as well as dockside damage including damaged pedestals, light posts, fenders, bumper guards, marina signage and the electrical panel on the dry dock sustained damage from power surges.

Hågat Marina Update
The Hågat Marina also sustained extensive damage to the facility including dockside damage such as broken planks, pedestals, and dock slates. The Guam Fire Department’s rescue building, which is a  Port-owned structure, also sustained damage. A total of five vessels at the facility became submerged and the Port’s Commercial Division is actively working with its tenants to lift these vessels out of the water.