December 30, 2022 — The Port Authority of Guam conducted its third annual employee survey which showed overwhelming job satisfaction among its employees.

The anonymous survey conducted earlier this month allowed participants to speak their truths on various categories involving their work experience at the Port. A total of 306 out of 346 employees completed the survey which is an 88% response rate.

“When the Leon Guerrero Tenorio administration first came into office, we were directed by the Governor and Lt. Governor and our board to prioritize the employees by addressing their work conditions, including providing fairness, transparency and accountability in all that we do,” said General Manager Rory J. Respicio. “This employee survey provided our co-workers an opportunity to anonymously rate different levels of our agency as it assessed what they value most in their employment and provided them an opportunity to make positive suggestions for improvement.”

The general survey results showed overwhelming positive responses in the areas of job satisfaction and revealed that employees believe that morale is at an all-time high. Ninety-eight percent of responses feel positive about their overall work experience with 93% feeling they receive the information they need to perform their duties, while a remarkable 97% of all employees who took the survey feel a sense of accomplishment from their work. Ninety-six percent feel that management and supervisors know their job well and 95% recognizes employees for their good work performance and communicates on how an individual’s job performance can be improved.

Survey results also showed that 96% feel positive that management has an open door policy and is accessible and approachable and that employees feel management is fair, transparent and accountable.

With regards to the situation involving COVID-19, 94% feel positive that management made their work  environment a safe place to be during the COVID19 Pandemic and 96% feel positive that management kept them well informed throughout the global crisis.

On the topic of career development, 95% feel that superiors share their knowledge and skills on how to handle situations while 87% feel that training opportunities were provided to everyone and 94% feel positive that promotional opportunities were available to them. When questioned about Communication, 97% feel positive that their supervisors provide clarification and guidance on the job, 95% feel that management provides them with regular updates on current events and advisories, while 94% feel that management supports two-way communication between managers and 95% communicates frequently and honestly about issues that may
affect them.

Employee relations was also a focus of the survey showing that 96% feel positive that Port Authority employees have a good relationship with each other. Teamwork ranks high with a significant 97% of employees feeling they were part of a division that works as a team and always willing to help one another. If faced with a problem, 95% responses showed they are comfortable approaching management, while 94% positively said they support Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and the Port’s Board of Directors’ vision for the Port.

Compared to the 2021 survey, results show and average increase of 1.8% in positive responses in all categories revealing an overall improvement in the Port’s organizational climate.

“Twenty-twenty two was a busy year for the Port. We’ve accomplished so much, but there is still more to do to upgrade our sea port,” said Respicio. “I want to thank the employees who took this survey as an 88% response rate is pretty amazing. We are very pleased and humbled with the results of this survey. It validates that we’re
doing the right things and making considerable progress here while increasing morale as well as openness and transparency.” Respicio added. “We are excited to see what 2023 will bring for us at the Port.”