May 29, 2023 — The Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. welcomed the 114,500 gross tonnage ultra-large cruise ship “Costa Serena” to berth at the East Coast Wharf of Keelung Port on the 29th of May.

At the meeting and celebration, General Manager Gao Chuankai of Keelung Port Branch was invited to give a speech. General Manager Gao said: “In the past three years of the epidemic, Keelung Port has never stopped the construction of cruise-related facilities, except for the renovation of the east and west banks. Visitor center facilities, and participate in international forums through online methods, introduce the achievements of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Group’s efforts, and go to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe to show the sincerity of the Taiwan-Hong Kong Group to receive cruise ships, and these achievements are being displayed one by one. On today’s and future voyages! Next, Costa Cruises will have 24 voyages to Keelung’s home port. It will sail to Japan and South Korea on July 1 this year. Commitment to continue the discounted cruise rates in 2023 until 2024.”; In addition, Mr. Lin Gengyu, Taiwan Sales Manager of Costa Cruises, also delivered a speech and said: “Costa Cruises is the first cruise company to operate its home port in Keelung Port after the epidemic. Costa Cruises will be one of the main force in developing the market, and Costa Cruises will expand the capacity of the Taiwan market and extend the voyage, while maintaining cooperation with neighboring countries to develop dual-home port and multi-home port cruise models.” Taiwan is the second largest cruise passenger in Asia.

The source market has attracted Costa’s cruise ships (such as “Costa Venice”, “Costa Atlantic”, etc.) to visit Keelung Port many times before the epidemic, and this time the “Costa Sarena” It has berthed at Keelung Port again since May 8, 2018, and it has also become the first cruise ship to continuously use the Keelung Port East Coast Tourist Center as its home port after the epidemic! Next year, the “MSC Bellissima”, which is expected to call at the West Coast Tourist Center, will also launch a two-month “Keelung-Naha” dual-home port route, which will continue to promote Keelung Port’s return to Asia’s best cruise home port.

In order to attract cruise companies to choose Keelung Port as their home port, both the Keelung Port East and West Bank Passenger Centers have increased the overall reception capacity through station expansion and customs clearance equipment, and present different styles and characteristics for tourists to enjoy: the appearance of the East Coast Passenger Center is imitated by a large The cruise ship designs and plans investment promotion space. The “Lido Butterfly Garden” on the 3rd floor creates a cruise-like landscape. The installation art on it shows a little girl sleeping peacefully on the back of a whale, expressing the gentle guardian image of the cruise home port in Keelung Port; the West Bund Visitor Center You can feel the simplicity and solidity of the historical buildings after precipitation, which symbolizes that the home port is quietly waiting here; the heart-warming service at the Keelung Port Station makes tourists feel like returning to their hometown, showing the charm of Keelung Port as a home port.

In addition, the port company will continue to offer discounts on rates until next year, and provide commercial cruise liners with the highest preferential treatment of free anchorage fees and passenger service fees. It is hoped that this plan will attract cruise liners to choose Keelung Port, and Taiwan’s second largest port in Asia. The advantages of large cruise ship tourists and abundant shore sightseeing resources continue to promote the prosperity and development of Keelung cruise home port!.