February 22, 2023 — As the epidemic situation is gradually easing, the situation of “blood shortage” has been reported in various parts of Taiwan. In order to display the spirit of fraternity, fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and call on the port industry to help others with blood, the Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Corporation and the consortium The legal person Wanhai Shipping Social Welfare and Charity Foundation jointly held a blood donation public welfare activity on February 22, 2012 (Wednesday) at Feiyuan Plaza, Keelung Building (No. 1, Zhongzheng Road, Keelung City).

Every year, the Keelung Port Branch invites neighboring agencies, shipping companies, and related businesses to participate in multiple blood donation activities to collect medical blood for life-saving needs, and to respond to the spirit of “donating a bag of blood saves a life” , to jointly engage in public welfare activities. This blood donation public welfare activity is jointly organized by the Wanhai Shipping Social Welfare and Charity Foundation. The activity period is from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on the same day. Appropriate blood donation can also promote blood metabolism in the human body, improve health, and benefit both others and oneself.

During the event, Secretary Zhang Weijian of the Keelung Port Branch shared the benefits of donating blood. He has the habit of donating blood, platelets and plasma on a regular basis. He has accumulated more than 300 blood donations, which is a very healthy behavior. Recently, due to the epidemic and Due to continuous holidays, blood banks in Taiwan are often in a dilemma. He hopes to use his own blood to call for blood, encourage colleagues and industry operators in the Hong Kong area to roll up their sleeves to join the ranks of blood donation, and also expects and calls for in the next few days or during consecutive holidays, Actively donate blood to help others to solve the urgent need of blood shortage in Taiwan.

The participation in this blood donation activity was very enthusiastic. 113 people donated blood and 147 bags of blood were donated. Condensed the love of employees of various units in the Keelung Port area. To express our gratitude, our branch and Wan Hai Shipping Foundation and other related units have specially prepared exquisite souvenirs for enthusiastic blood donors. People from all walks of life and the community actively participated in the follow-up blood donation activities, so that all kind-hearted people can help more people in need and create a better and charitable society together.