April 6, 2023 — The Port of Taichung branch has made good news in attracting investment. Following the offshore wind power industry’s international giants to set up factories in Taichung Port, Taiwan Port Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully expanded its business after its 2nd anniversary of operation, and has increased its investment in Taichung Port . 1.5 hectares of land, planning, construction and operation of offices and ancillary facilities, and establishment of an operation base.

Taiwan Port Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in project management services for offshore wind turbine components project transportation, and provides project transportation planning and design for customers. The scope of services includes evaluating the particularity of the cargo and the environment, according to the special specifications of the cargo, the required hanging and transportation equipment , and transportation route planning, etc. to evaluate construction method design, provide equipment and project execution, and adopt customized and integrated services. Since its operation, Taiwan Harbor Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been operating steadily step by step. It has undertaken index cases such as offshore wind turbine components, and has completed the lifting and handling projects of special specifications such as nacelles, towers, blades, etc., especially in length. Land transportation of 85- meter blades, or a 400- ton engine room transportation project integrates land transportation and sea transportation in port, overcomes the limitations of land space length, width, height and load, successfully completes the task every time, and effectively relieves traffic bottlenecks. It has also improved the project quality and transportation safety in the port area. On the 2nd anniversary of its operation, it has handed over a brilliant report card and achieved great results. The service quality has been highly recognized by customers.

It is a critical moment for the development of the offshore wind power industry chain. In order to increase the service scale and complete the operation facilities, Taiwan Port Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. signed the “Taichung Port Port Service Professional Area ( Ⅱ ) about 1.5One-hectare land lease contract”, increase investment in the construction of offices and ancillary facilities, and establish an operating base. The base of this case has been handed over. After the completion of the office, it can accommodate nearly 100 people, increase business activities, drive the demand for living functions, attract related industries to settle in, activate the local economy, and promote the prosperity and development of neighboring areas.

In order to cooperate with the increasingly active investment projects in the port area, create a better investment environment, and provide better services for investment manufacturers in the port, Taichung Port Branch has not only completed the construction of a sound external transportation system, but also continues to handle port expansion. The project will provide more convenient shipping services in the future, and greatly improve the quality and soundness of the investment environment in the port area. It is hoped to attract more domestic and foreign industries to settle in, and give full play to the synergy of industrial clusters. Industrial technology and talents are deeply rooted Taiwan.