May 5, 2023 — Taichung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taichung Port Branch) cooperates with the smart port of the Ministry of Communications and the exclusive care plan for the personnel of the VTS (Traffic Traffic Management Center) of the head office “to light up the heart of the ” tower ” and warm the heart of ” his ” Room”, internal renovations are carried out in the relevant premises of VTS on duty and standby. In addition, in order to avoid the damage of the backup power supply and the old exterior wall, and to handle the renewal of mechanical and electrical equipment, waterproofing, and reinforcement of the exterior wall damage, the plan was submitted to allocate funds for the indoor decoration of the signal station and the renovation of the exterior wall.

The signal station interior decoration and exterior wall renovation project (hereinafter referred to as the signal station project) has a construction period of 365 calendar days and is expected to be completed in May 2013. It is located in the Lingang section of the seaside section of Qingshui District, and the ground floor area of ​​the signal station building is 521.17M2 . The interior decoration of the signal station is based on the VTS staff, improving the office, backup room and bathroom environment, providing a comfortable office and rest space, improving the physical and mental health and work efficiency of colleagues; the mechanical and electrical equipment has been comprehensively updated after more than 30 years of complicated pipelines . In order to improve the safety of colleagues and the stability of the operation of the signal station; the renovation of the exterior wall takes into account the natural conditions of waterproofing, weather resistance and salt resistance of the exterior wall, and adopts imitation stone paint coating to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, durability and the economy of operation and maintenance management.

On the other hand, the architect based on the original architectural form of the octagonal star-Two orthogonal squares are used for the color scheme of the exterior wall imagery. The prominent squares on the exterior wall use yellow to represent endless vitality and vigor, red to represent the desire for continuous improvement, and blue to represent magnanimity and good at The communication wrist and other three colors, the overall base is supplemented by neutral cement color ( white, dark gray ) as the base, highlighting the sense of interlacing of the building, with simple lines to bring out the sense of volume and volume of the building, and the lines also represent the light that guides all directions , such as a compass and a ship’s rudder to guide the way forward, implying that the signal station will continue to serve here and continue to wait for our Taichung Port.