June 9, 2023 — Taichung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taichung Port Branch) handles the ” The Taichung Port Fill Area New Seawall Project ( hereinafter referred to as the fill area project ) is expected to provide a closed water area backfill space after the project is completed, and provide a place for the maintenance of the port area to store and decontaminate the dredged earth. The habitat will provide offshore wind power related industries to enter the port area for development.

Photo above: The location map of the new seawall project in the fill area of ​​Taichung Port. 

The filling area project started on May 31 , 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2027 , with a total project cost of about 10.46 billion yuan. The construction site is located in the waters between Taichung Port Petrochemical Industry Zone and Industrial Zone ( Ⅱ ) . The total length of the seawall to be built is about 2,217m ( the length of the embankment line ) , and the remaining soil produced by the channel maintenance and dredging project will be accommodated in the southern filling area ( Ⅲ) ) , ( Ⅳ )-1 , the goal is to complete the landfilling of 50 hectares in 2026 , which will meet the needs of the production base for the third phase of offshore wind power block development.

According to the current policy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs – my country’s energy transformation is based on the planning principles of coal reduction, gas increase, green development, and non-nuclear clean energy development direction, to ensure stable power supply, and to reduce air pollution and carbon reduction. In order to expand the promotion of renewable energy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has set a policy target of 20 % of renewable energy power generation by 2025 . It is now actively promoting solar photovoltaic and wind power generation. It is estimated that the capacity of solar photovoltaic installations will reach 20GW in 2025 , and the capacity of offshore wind power installations will reach more than 5.7GW .

Taichung Port is positioned as the home port of offshore wind power. It has high potential and is suitable for the development of offshore wind power. It also has the shortest distance to the wind farm. In addition, the water depth of the wharf and the backline are sufficient. The relevant infrastructure is complete and can accommodate large-scale installation ships to berth. It is the best base for promoting the construction of offshore wind turbine heavy parts. Currently , Yongguan Group, Tianli Offshore Wind Power, Century Huaxin Wind Energy, and Siemens Gamesa Offshore Wind Renewable Energy have settled in the professional industrial zone (II) Waiting for 4 wind power companies. The third stage of offshore wind power block development is planned to release business opportunities with a total construction capacity of 15GW ( million kilowatts ) from 2026 to 2035. All major wind power plants are actively preparing to participate in the bidding for suppliers, which shows that the future is very important for offshore wind power production Base demand is very strong.