The APP was very pleased to provide a special presentation at their Annual General Meeting. The session, Port and Regional Trade Competitiveness in an Emerging Post-COVID World, looked at shifting economic conditions, customer expectations, the emergence of new technologies and environmental regulations that are constant pressures facing ports and their customers. Moreover, confronting logistics and transportation challenges is required for increased port and regional trade competitiveness.

Featured speakers included Ms. Hanh D. Le-Griffin (Ph.D.)., Director, Ports and Marine Terminals for Hatch Engineering and also an Adjunct Associate Professor Sonny Astani Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Southern California; and Philip Davies (MA), a transportation economist with over thirty-five years of experience in market research, freight planning, and intercity passenger transportation. The session was moderated by Darryl Anderson (MBA), a transportation and maritime logistics executive with expertise in international business development, cross-functional team leadership, and competitive market positioning, delivering positive outcomes with robust and sustainable gains.

A pdf of the presentation is also available here: APP 2021 Presentation Final July 29 2021.

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