The Port of Keelung, Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd., the Port is located near the northern tip of Taiwan. It is one of the most important ports in the Asia-Pacific region, encompassing approximately 572 hectares in port area (water area is 376 hectares). There are now 56 wharves, over 9,000 meters in total length. Main channel in water depth is 15.5 meters.

Port facilities are capable of accommodating Post-Panamax container vessels and bulk cargo vessels up to 60,000-tonnage. The Port of Keelung focuses on serving as a logistics port in northern Taiwan for short-sea shipping, a port of call for the cross-strait passenger and cargo vessels, international cruise, and a water-friendly & recreational tourism port.

At a glance

  • Facilities:
    • West Coast Container Terminal: North Container Yard and South Container Yard
      • North Container Yard — The Yard is located West No.19 to 26 docks, including container berths 8 sets, average water depth -12m (West No.22 and 23 docks -15m, berths length overall 400m, container ship parked 8,000 TEUs), berths length overall 2,076.66m, Gantry Cranes(Quay cranes) 17 units, total area 195,966㎡. West No.19 to 21 docks yard storage capacity 4,380 TEUs; West No.22 to 26 docks yard storage capacity 6,061 TEUs and reefer plug sockets 34 points.
      • South Container Yard — The Yard is located West No.16 to 18 docks, including pier berths 3 sets, average water depth -12m, container ship berthing 5,000 TEUs, berths length overall 767.45m, Gantry Cranes (Quay cranes) 6 units, total area 30,246㎡, Dock yard storage capacity 4,380 TEUs. The West No.11 wharf total area 8,600㎡ of Import CY storage capacity 300 TEUs and reefer plug sockets 12 points.
    • East Coast Container Terminal — The Terminal is located East No.8 to 11 docks, including 4 sets linear berths, average water depth -12m, berthing 6,000 TEUs container ship, berths length overall 860m, Gantry Cranes (Quay cranes) 7 units, total area 89,567㎡, Docks yard storage capacity 6,820 TEUs and reefer plug sockets 144 points.
    • Bulk and General Cargo wharf area — Bulk and general cargo docks 19 sets, average water depth -9m (West No.32 wharf, water depth -11m); Warehouse 10 seats, effective storage capacity 28,376 Tons; Stacking cargo yard 12 seats, effective storage capacity 54,923 Tons; Cement silo 5 seats, effective storage capacity 6,530 Tons; Chemical-Oil storage tank 10 seats, effective storage capacity 6,555 Tons.


No.1, Chung-Cheng Road,
Keelung 202202, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Tel: 886-2-24206100
E-mail: business@twport.com.tw

Key staff:
Chwan-Kai Kao, Vice President & CEO

Board of Directors:
Hsien-Yi Lee, Chairman
Shao-Liang Chen, President