April 19, 2023 — The Port Authority of Guam, along with the Governor of Guam, held a Groundbreaking Ceremony today for the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Equipment, Maintenance and Repair (EQMR) Building and Warehouse 1 as a part of the Port Modernization Program.

“All these projects are a testament of our island’s commitment to making sure that our port is solid, that our port is modernized, that our port is protected, and that our port has the necessary resources because the port is the most critical agency for our economy, commerce and trade,” Governor Lou Leon Guerrero said today during her keynote address. “And we want to always ensure that we have a port that has the capacity to move our economy forward and make our island strong. Without the port we would really be set back tremendously.”

Photo above: Island dignitaries gather following a shovel ceremony held today, Wednesday, April 19, 2023 inside the Port Authority of Guam Terminal Yard. They were taking part in a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the upgrades and repairs to the Equipment, Maintenance and Repair (EQMR) Building and Warehouse 1 as part of the Port Modernization Program. From left to right: Ian Chong of IAN Corporation, Luis Bustamante of JJ Global Services, Port Oversight Chair Senator Amanda Shelton, Port Deputy General Manager Dominic Muna, Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, Port General Manager Rory J. Respicio, Port Oversight Vice Chair Senator Jesse Lujan, Port Board Member Dot Harris, Port Users Group Chairman Joe Cruz and Father Danilo Trajano.

“These projects will help ensure that operations at the Port remain uninterrupted especially within the EQMR building, which houses the repair and maintenance of all PAG’s heavy equipment such as forklifts,  transportation fleet, cargo handling equipment and tractors,” said Port General Manager Rory J. Respicio. “We are doing what we can to extend the service life of these facilities.”

Repairs and upgrades to the project sites will harden 79,000 square feet of warehouse space. Structural repairs will address existing cracks and spalling affecting the overall structural integrity of the EQMR Building and Warehouse 1 that pose hazards to personnel working within the facilities.

The project also includes repairs to the mechanical and electrical systems within the EQMR Building, upgrades to the fire protection system and inspection and replacement of corroded reinforced steel in Warehouse 1.

The total cost for all projects is $3,149,776.53 which includes $2,599,999.00 in Port funds and $549,777.53 funded by a combination of Hazard Mitigation Program Grant federal funds and Port funds. The contractor for the EQMR and Warehouse I repairs and upgrades is JJ Global Services. The contractor for the Warehouse I hardening project is IAN Corporation.