MarineLabs is a coastal intelligence company and real-time data provider, transforming marine safety, and gathering data that helps build climate-resilient coastlines. MarineLabs offers the world’s highest resolution real-time wind, wave, and weather data as well as AI-driven insights from fleets of cloud-connected, rugged instruments.

This data optimizes port and vessel operations; and long term data insights help communities prepare and adapt for coastal flooding and other hazards due to sea level rise and climate change driven weather volatility.

Through its subscription service, CoastAware™, MarineLabs provides real-time wind, wave, and camera data that helps port operators and vessel pilots make important decisions when bringing large ships into port. It also assists coastal engineers in assessing the impact of wave and wake conditions on planned marine infrastructure. Ports and vessel operators use MarineLabs’ data to ensure safe and efficient waterways, reduce the risks of marine accidents which may cause spills or cargo loss, and minimize wasted fuel.

With a CoastAware subscription, users are freed from buoy operations; will have no surprise expenses; and no maintenance requirements. Sensors can be deployed wherever needed with options available to use existing infrastructure; convert existing navigational aids into real-time data locations; or commission a new data location as required.



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