Liftech Consultants Inc. has provided structural engineering services since 1964. We have special expertise in the design of container handling cranes and other equipment. Our experience includes the structural design of wharves, floats, buildings, heavy lift structures, and other special structures.

Our approach to projects and experience with cranes and other unusual structures allows us to produce creative and practical solutions to unusual problems. Collaboration among our engineering staff and with our clients ensures our designs are functional, environmentally sound, and cost effective.

We are experts in structural design, fracture mechanics, structural maintenance, and fatigue crack control. Our experience includes the design of structures made of steel, reinforced and prestressed concrete, masonry, and wood.

Our designs include unique solutions. For example, we invented “banded prestressed concrete,” which has become the industry standard for prestressed concrete slabs. We also invented the low profile and articulating boom container crane designs for ship-to-shore crane operation in areas with height restrictions.

We work with national and international clients including owners, engineers, operators, manufacturers, architects, and riggers.


344 20th St #360
Oakland, CA  94612-3593 USA

Telephone: 510-832-5606

Erik Soderberg, President, Principal – esoderberg@liftech.net
Sugiarto Loni, Principal – sloni@liftech.net