March 17, 2023 — The Keelung Port Branch of Taiwan Port Affairs Co., Ltd. has been under the guidance of the head office since 2016, under the guidance of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Keelung City and the National Taiwan Ocean University, and the colleagues of the branch company have handled the preparations for the “Keelung Port Environmental Education Park” by themselves, gathering different fields Established a professional Hong Kong-area teaching team with colleagues of different specialties. During the period, they conducted trial teaching and gradually adjusted the teaching plans. On March 6, 2012, they obtained the “Keelung Port Environmental Education Park” certificate from the Environmental Protection Administration of the Executive Yuan.

Based on the promotion of the Executive Yuan’s policy of paying homage to the sea for many years, the branch company hopes to promote the implementation experience to the outside world through courses. Therefore, in response to different targets, the branch company designed the “Oil Black Flip – Follow the Port to Clean” for the general public (adults) ” and “Keelung Port is so “lively” – the secret behind the container” for grades 5-6 of elementary school, as the core of Keelung Port’s environmental education curriculum, the port’s oil pollution emergency response work, green port policy implementation The tasks assigned to the international commercial port are included in the curriculum design. It is hoped that through the teaching of environmental education courses, more people will be able to understand the special operation mode in the port area and the sustainable management concept of the green port policy.

In the future, the branch will take ESG and SDGs as the core, integrate the work implementation content of the port area into environmental education, and gradually expand the courses to make the teaching content more diverse (such as Hong Kong history, natural resources, loading and unloading and port operations, engineering, Hong Kong safety and occupational safety) …), and will continue to cooperate with Keelung City Environmental Protection Bureau, National Taiwan Ocean University, Yangming Marine Cultural Foundation and surrounding community groups to cultivate the local environment through different environmental education courses, and jointly build an environmental education industry chain, providing More high-quality environmental education and tourism choices for the public and tourists.