April 6, 2023 — After Kaohsiung Port reopened its sea gates to welcome international cruise ships on March 6, 2012, people in southern Taiwan were eagerly looking forward to the cruise itinerary departing from Kaohsiung Port. Finally, under the eyes of everyone, it was announced today (4) by Resorts World One, a subsidiary of Resorts World Cruises. maiden voyage. The ship berthed at the Penglai Travel Center at No. 9 Wharf of Kaohsiung Port. It is the first cruise ship in Kaohsiung Port to operate at its home port after the epidemic. Resorts World One is forecast to call Kaohsiung for 122 times this year. It adopts the dual-home port operation model of Kaohsiung and Hong Kong to provide new options for tourists from the two regions to go abroad. The Taiwan Port Authority expects to bring sightseeing opportunities for foreign tourists through cruise ships and stimulate cruise tourism. The development potential of the industry.

This time, Resorts World One adopts a dual-homeport operation mode. It will berth at Kaohsiung Port regularly since April. It will depart from Kaohsiung to Hong Kong every Monday and Thursday. In addition to returning to the original ship, independent travelers can also return to the airport by ship , The multiple modes of Fly Cruise from plane to boat return allow you to arrange travel itineraries flexibly. At the same time, passengers who embark from Hong Kong on Sundays and Wednesdays will also bring business opportunities for international tourism. In addition, in order to allow domestic and foreign tourists to have a glimpse of the customs of Taiwan’s outlying islands, starting April 10, some flights will berth at Magong Port, Penghu the next day after departing from Kaohsiung. The operation of the dual home port can attract domestic and foreign tourists to Kaohsiung for sightseeing and accommodation. In addition to the benefits of tourism brought by people from Hong Kong and Macao who enter Kaohsiung by cruise, it is also expected that tourists from other counties and cities will come to Kaohsiung for sightseeing and accommodation, and then take a cruise to attract more tourists.

Li Xianyi, chairman of the Taiwan Port Corporation, said that the Port Corporation is continuing to optimize the travel facilities of Kaohsiung Port. Before the completion of the introduction of a full range of intelligent software and hardware facilities in the Kaohsiung Port Travel Center to improve the efficiency of passenger services, it is currently temporarily replaced by Pier 9. Penglai Travel Center provides passenger services, connecting Penglai Port with special scenery such as Dagang Bridge, Dagang Warehouse, Zhaner Warehouse, Dagang Echo and Pier-2 Art Zone, providing tourists with rich waterfront sightseeing resources and alternative tourism feasts, and through The Xiziwan Station of the MRT and the Pier-2 Dayi Station of the light rail connect the scenic spots in the city, which is convenient for tourists to visit Kaohsiung, and provides convenient public transportation services for passengers with the Dongnan Bus Ju 1 bus that goes directly to the Penglai Tourism Center. In order to actively develop the cruise business, the port company will continue to be committed to providing friendly and convenient travel services and creating a high-quality terminal environment.