May 12, 2021 — Since the first case of bovine nodular rash broke out in New Taipei City, Taiwan in mid-April, 110, in order to maintain the environmental sanitation of Hualien Port, Hualien Port Affairs Branch carried out comprehensive disinfection work for passenger clearance service stations, administrative buildings, port areas and adjacent roads and ditches. To prevent blocking the transmission route of bovine nodular rash.

Since bovine nodular rash is a viral disease caused by a poxvirus, it is transmitted by vector mosquitoes (including mosquitoes, flies, ticks and other arthropods and scabs) and imported into the island from abroad. International ports are the first line of epidemic prevention. Therefore, the Hualien Port Branch Company carried out comprehensive cleaning and disinfection operations in the port area on April 19 and April 26, 110 in accordance with the relevant environmental cleaning operation guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency. The operation scope includes the Hualien Port Administration Building and the customs clearance service station. , The surrounding environment such as public toilets in the hydrophilic recreation area, large rows of Gangkou Road and water ditches along the line.

At the same time, Hualien Port Branch also worked with relevant port operators in the port area, such as CIQS units, loading and unloading operators and shipping agents, to implement various epidemic prevention measures, and strengthen environmental rectification and cleaning and disinfection of its premises, adjacent open spaces and adjacent ditches. , Clean up the debris and remove the water in the water container to control the breeding source of vector mosquitoes to effectively prevent the occurrence of bovine nodular rash and dengue fever.