EA was founded in 1973 as Ecological Analysts, Inc., by Dr. Loren Jensen, a professor at Johns Hopkins University. The original staff consisted of fisheries biologists, helping electrical utilities achieve compliance with new environmental regulations. Over time, EA diversified, adding more advanced scientific, engineering, and technology capabilities to keep pace with changing client needs, regulatory demands, and public concerns.

Today, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC provides a broad range of environmental science and engineering solutions to a diverse customer base including federal and state government agencies, municipalities, private industry, and non-profit organizations.

We have completed more than 100,000 environmental projects and performed more than $1 billion of services worldwide. Engineering News-Record consistently ranks EA among America’s Top 200 Environmental Firms, a testament to the business we earn from our clients as a result of the quality, cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and responsiveness of our service.

When we were still a one office, single service firm, Dr. Jensen pointed out, “The challenge before us is to make a business out of science, without compromising the principles or inherent ground rules of either.” That is precisely what EA set out to accomplish…and what we continue to do every day.

Core Purpose:
Improving the quality of the environment in which we live, one project at a time. 

Core Values:

  • Openness—We believe in sharing ideas and information, inviting inquiry, encouraging a diversity of opinions, appreciating others’ views and motives, and spirited debate.
  • Prudence—We believe in judicious use of resources and circumspection of risks.
  • Balance—We believe that the combination of flexibility to lead a full personal life and hard work creates the most rewarding environment.
  • Challenge—We believe in seeking out, taking ownership of, and reveling in the domain where collaborative ideas are valued, impediments are surmounted, and complex problems are solved.


2200 6th Ave Suite 707
Seattle, WA 98121
United States

Telephone: (206) 452-5350

Key contact: Richard Price, Program Manager (rprice@eaest.com)

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