July 29, 2021 — The Association of Pacific Ports is very pleased to welcome Kimberlyn King-Hinds as our newly elected President. Representing the Commonwealth Ports Authority (CPA), Northern Mariana Islands, King-Hinds assumes the role following the tenure of Ian Marr from the Port of Nanaimo. “I’m looking forward to leading the APP and working with everyone to improve our port community through sharing knowledge and resources to benefit the communities we serve,” she said in accepting the position at the APP’s Annual General Meeting on July 29, 2021.

As Chair of the CPA Board of Directors, King-Hinds has had a distinguished career balancing the practice of law in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and serving the public in various capacities. Currently in private practice addressing areas of family law, probate law and general civil litigation, King-Hinds is also currently the conflict counsel for the NMI Settlement Fund and Legal Counsel for the Tinian Mayor’s Office. King-Hinds also currently devotes numerous hours serving the people of the CNMI on various government advisory boards and non-profit organizations.

The Commonwealth Ports Authority was created in 1981 and tasked with managing and operating all the airports and seaports throughout the Northern Marianas. CPA is responsible for three airports (Saipan International Airport, Tinian International Airport, and Benjamin Taisacan Manglona International Airport) and three seaports (Port of Saipan, Port of Tinian, and Rota West Harbor) on the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

King-Hinds is joined by both new and returning Port Members to the Executive Committee. Before welcoming new members, the Executive said farewell to Patsy Martin who will be retiring as Executive Director of the Port of Skagit at the end of September; and Joe Stuveysant, President and CEO, Port of San Diego has stepped down to focus on priorities at the Port.

New to the Committee this year is Stephen Ribuffo, Director, Port of Alaska; Doug Hayes, Executive Director, Port of Columbia County; and Zoran Knezevic, President and CEO, Port Alberni Port Authority.

The full Executive Committee now consists of:


President                                                             Kimberlyn King-Hinds Commonwealth Ports Authority, Northern Mariana Islands
First Vice President/Treasurer                     Frank Colonna (or representative) – Port of Long Beach
Second Vice President                                    Shao-Liang Chen – Taiwan International Ports Corporation
Third Vice President                                        Kim Puzey – Port of Umatilla
Past President                                                   Ian Marr – Port of Nanaimo


Dick Dodge – Port of Redwood City
Ying-Feng Chung – Taiwan International Ports Corporation
Bob Larson – Port of Benton
Steve Ribuffo – Port of Alaska
Doug Hayes – Port of Columbia County
Dorothy Harris Port of Guam


James Bing II – Republic of Marshall Islands Port Authority
Chris King – American Samoa Port Administration
Zoran Knezevic – Port Alberni Port Authority