Port of Pago Pago, American Samoa

Welcome to the Port of Pago Pago, your gateway to the magnificent islands of the Territory of American Samoa. Lying south the Equator, American Samoa is the most southern point of the United States domain. Like no other islands in the South Pacific, your first glimpse of the main island of Tutuila as the sun rises from the east are of the rugged mountain peaks covered in pristine tropical rainforest, jutting out of the Pacific Ocean. Then, as you enter Pago Pago Harbor in the center of the island, towering ahead and on either side are Mount Alava, Mount Matafao and Rainmaker Mountain, protecting the harbor and all who sail into her.

At a glance

  • Port Operations – The Port can easily berth two cruise ships at any one time, with ample room in the harbor to anchor one or two more for tender access. Most cargo handled through the Port of Pago Pago is containerized. Although some break bulk cargo is handled, it is minimal and has little effect on the basic operation or the allocation of space within the port area. The primary cargo is export canned tuna. Other container traffic consists of consumer goods for the general population. In addition to cargo activities, support facilities (berthing, apron space and limited vessel repairs) are provided for the fleet of purse seine boats that supply the canneries.
    The wharf can accommodate ships with an operational draft up to 35 feet (10.6m) according to published information. A second wharf, the “Container Wharf,” lies adjacent to the Main Wharf to the east. It is 1,040 feet long and can accommodate vessels of 32-foot draft (9.75m). Limiting drafts of approximately 38 feet (8.5m) are reported for the eastern third of this wharf.
  • Freight Terminal and Container Yard — This facility dominates the land approach to the town area of Fagatogo Village. It is the primary commercial wharf facility for the Territory and supports all freight and commodity shipments (except for unloading of tuna that occurs at the cannery wharves). The present transit warehouse and port office building encompass about 40,000 square feet in area.
  • Seaports
    • Auasi & Aunu’u Wharfs — This small wharf is located in the village of Auasi with free parking and alia (small fishing boats) to provide service for Aunu’u and our local people traveling between the islands.
    • Manu’a Island Wharfs — Wharfs in the Manu’a Island Group include the Ofu, Faleaso, and Ta’u Wharfs. The largest vessel normally accepted at these wharfs is the MV Sili (predominantly a cargo service between Tutuila and the Manu’a islands.
    • Manu’a Inter-Island Wharfs — The wharfs at Falesao and Ofu anchorages the MV Sili Ferryboat and Segaula Catamaran for islanders traveling between the Manu’a Islands.
  • Airports
    • Pago Pago International Airport – A 700-acre public airport and primary commercial service airport with two runways: Runway 5-23, is 10,000 feet long and 150 feet wide and has a precision instrument approach procedure. Runway 8-26 is 3,800 feet long and 100 feet wide.
    • Fitiuta Airport – A 34-acre public airport serving the aviation needs of Ta’u Island of the Manu’a Island Group. Runway 12/30 dimensions: 3,200 x 75 feet.
    • Ofu Airport – An 18-acre public airport serving the aviation needs of Ofu and Olosega Islands. Runway 8/26 dimensions: 2,000 x 60 feet. Ofu is an uncontrolled airport used primarily for chartered flights between Ofu and Pago Pago International Airports.


PO Box 656
Pago Pago, AS  96799
T: 684-633-4251 / 684-699-9101

Key staff:
Director — Falenaoti S. A. Loi-On Fruean (fale_loion@yahoo.com)