Volume 2, Issue 2 — April, 2021

  • Cruise Industry: Cruise industry rebound will come … it’s just a question of when
  • Governance: The role of the port authority in maritime logistics. By Dr. Trevor Heaver
  • Best Practices: The Port of Portland — Shared prosperity through social equity
  • Harbor Management: Bringing recreational harbor management into the 21st century
  • Technology: Port Management Information Systems — A “smart” solution for ports of all sizes
  • Environment: Port of Stockton moves toward zero-emissions goal
  • Marine Pilotage: Guardians of the coast
  • New Technology: Continuous Marine Safety — A real-time approach to risk management in the port. By Dr. Scott Beatty
  • Grant Strategies: How to prepare a winning grant application. By Jeannie Beckett
  • Preserved Wood: The remarkable history and uncertain future of preserved wood in ports. By Ryan Pessah
  • Plus New Member Profiles:
    • Port of Brookings Harbor
    • GCT Global Container Terminals Inc.
    • Pavement Technical Solutions, Inc.
    • Salus Resources Inc.
    • MarineLabs Data Systems Inc.