August 5, 2021 — Trans Mountain and the City of Merritt have entered into a funding agreement that will see more than $950,000 invested into developing Merritt’s municipal bulk water and sanitary wastewater disposal systems. The funds will be used for the construction, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure in order to service Trans Mountain’s worker accommodation camp during its operation, as well as serving other local bulk water and sewage disposal users. The initiative ensures the camp minimizes impacts on the community and provides a lasting benefit for the City and the region.

“Trans Mountain continues to look for every opportunity to provide lasting and meaningful legacies for communities impacted by the construction of our Expansion Project,” said Ian Anderson, President and CEO, Trans Mountain Corporation. “These upgrades are another example of how we can provide a direct and meaningful benefit for communities.”

“Trans Mountain has been an excellent community partner throughout this process and this agreement provides significant benefit to both Trans Mountain and the City of Merritt. This infrastructure will be used to provide services to Trans Mountain and other contractors, thereby creating a lasting additional revenue stream for the City that will assist in funding further infrastructure development and replacement,” said Sean Smith, Chief Administration Officer, City of Merritt.

Construction of the municipal bulk water and sanitary wastewater disposal upgrades were completed in June 2021 and are currently being used by the camp community and contractor yard, which opened for occupancy on July 4, 2021. The upgrades will support asset management and long-term development within the City of Merritt. Trans Mountain will be responsible for covering the cost of water and waste disposal at the City’s rates and will work with the City to manage water use appropriately during the summer months.

These infrastructure agreements are in addition to local taxes, landowner compensation and a $420,000 Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) with the City of Merritt that will go towards funding community projects.

The Merritt camp community, located on private land near Merritt, BC, will accommodate up to 400 people working on and supporting the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. The site, which will be active from July 2021 to December 2022, is operated by Civeo through a joint venture partnership with the Lower Nicola Indian Band.

Merritt is part of Trans Mountain’s BC Interior construction area that begins at Black Pines (approximately 40 kilometres north of Kamloops) and runs to the Coquihalla Summit. It includes approximately 185 kilometres of 36-inch pipeline and 18 valve assembly installations, as well as three pump stations.