December 11, 2020 — In line with its commitment to ‘innovation, purposefulness, and social responsibility’, Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) subsidiary Port of Kaohsiung has been working hard to be a zero accident, health-promoting business operation. The port currently applies ISO45001 occupational safety and health standards to systematically understand and address the workplace safety expectations and requirements of its employees as well as to regularly promote port workplace safety and employee health-enhancement programs. The ultimate goal is to create a true port ‘family’, with all working toward success both on the job and at home.

The Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s largest international commercial port, is a key hub for intercontinental container shipping, smart-logistics operations, and the cruise and tourism industries. From its core commitment to innovation, the port promotes a comprehensive model of health management and promotion services designed to create a healthy workplace culture. Recognizing the central role of employees to business competitiveness and success, and indelibly committed to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility, the Port of Kaohsiung proactively participates in occupational safety and health sharing and certification programs with government agencies as well as with public organizations. This year (2020), the port has been recognized with Corporate Health Responsibility and Taiwan i Sport awards. Moreover, the port both earned Healthy Workplace accreditation from the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Health Promotion Administration and program recognition with an ‘Active Promoter’ award. The awards ceremony for the latter, hosted by HPA Director-General Dr. Ying-wei Wang, will be held on December 16th in the 6th floor conference room of the Taipei City Youth Development Office.

The Port of Kaohsiung, recognizing the importance of its employees to future growth and sustainability, is committed as an organization to promoting safe, healthy, and happy workplace environments and to continuing to make further improvements in all related facets in the future. In addition, port administrators are committed to learning from peer companies and to continuing to work in accordance with the ISO45001 spirit and principles to promote comprehensive health and safety systems at the Port of Kaohsiung that reduce risks to employees and other stakeholders in the spirit of plan-do-check-act (PDCA) and continuous improvement. The ultimate goal is safety in all three pillars of port, employees, and companies.