July 6, 2022 —   In response to the International Cooperation Festival on July 2, the Kaohsiung Port Branch of the Taiwan Port Company cooperated with the Taiwan Port Association and the Kaohsiung Sun Yat-Sen University Xiwan Seedling Creation Association to cooperate in reducing carbon and increasing greenery and planting an idle space on the top floor of the company. Create an edible landscape that takes into account the visual landscape, and also plant vegetables in the teaching agricultural area in Zhongshan Kindergarten, so that children can know the types of vegetables, learn how to sow, cover and water, and experience the hard work of farmers in planting, which indirectly conveys self-sufficiency and food is not enough. The spirit of waste.

Wang Jinrong, General Manager of Kaohsiung Port Branch, said: “Growing vegetables on the roof will not only beautify the roof, effectively reduce the temperature of the building, but also achieve energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental protection without excluding the original functions of the roof. The company sent vegetable seedlings to encourage Colleagues grow and eat their own vegetables. In addition to reducing food packaging waste and reducing carbon pollution caused by food delivery, it also conforms to a low-carbon diet and implements corporate social responsibility.” To achieve the SDGs “ensure food security, eliminate hunger, and promote Sustainable Agriculture” and “Promoting a Green Economy and Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns”.

The Sun Yat-Sen University West Bay Nursery and Creation Association also promotes the concept of self-growing and self-feeding through early childhood education, practices the SDGs with non-discriminatory, fair and high-quality education, and advocates lifelong learning. Li Xianyi, chairman of the Taiwan Association of Ports and Ports, said: “Under the continuous growth trend of the population and the epidemic, food supply and demand is a topic of concern. When facing home isolation, it is very inconvenient to go out to buy. If we can try to integrate farming into everyone’s daily life , cultivate the interest in growing vegetables at home, produce pure natural, pollution-free vegetables for self-feeding, which are healthy and environmentally friendly, reduce the carbon footprint of the whole people, and bring strong energy and vitality to the sustainable development of the earth.”

The port affairs company, The Taiwan Port Association and the Xiwan Seedling Creation Association jointly use practical actions to contribute to global warming. We hope that through everyone’s strength, this action will expand the impact on the people around us, make sustainable agriculture sustainable development, and work together to build a city green lung.