July 14, 2022 — Container transportation is the bloodline of the nation’s economy. In the past two years, the covid-19 has led to congestion in the port, which has also caused traffic congestion in the port area. In order to reduce congestion and improve the efficiency of container yard operations, Taichung Port China Container Co. We have commissioned Guanmao Network Company to develop and introduce the BoniGO container delivery and receipt reservation platform. At the same time, Taichung Port Branch will assist in the planning and construction of special lanes for reservations and other supporting measures, so as to jointly propose solutions for smooth container transportation.

BoniGO Container Loading Plan (Container Loading Plan/Container Loading List) platform connects the information flow of shipping companies, empty container yards, cargo owners, and trailer operators with the shared version of the CLP (Container Loading Plan) platform, making full use of data sharing to improve operational efficiency and ensure Consistency and correctness of data, transparent information enables cargo owners and drivers to check the status of containers on the platform, saving drivers waiting time for entry, reducing idling fuel consumption and carbon emissions of container trucks, in line with the ESG (environment, society, company self-care) concept.

In line with the implementation of BoniGO in the future, Taichung Port Branch has repeatedly invited relevant units, experts and scholars to discuss the site survey, and then built a reserved lane for container trucks reserved on the platform to enter the counter yard, and then connected to the China Container Company to reserve a special gate. Effectively relieve traffic flow and achieve the goal of fast passage; Taichung Port Branch also proposed related supporting measures, such as the adjustment of road traffic lines in the port area, the setting of signs, the installation of OCR identification systems and LED signboards at automated gates, etc., to optimize the relevant aspects of entering the port area surroundings.

In order to familiarize the operators with the operation and operation mode of the BoniGO reservation platform, Taichung Port Branch will hold a briefing meeting with the China Cabinet Company and the Customs and Trading Company on June 21, 2019. It will be completed in mid-July, and the online test will be carried out again.

Taichung Port Wanhai Company has implemented the country’s first delivery counter reservation platform since August (110), and nearly 50% of them have been used enthusiastically. This year, Taichung Port Branch has continued to assist China Cabinet in implementing BoniGO’s delivery counter reservation platform. It will move forward the intelligent process of container transportation in Taichung Port, and industry players are welcome to actively participate in the testing and application, and share the fast and intelligent port operation environment.