July 1, 2022 — Taichung Port Branch actively implements ESG corporate social responsibility and promotes environmental and ecological sustainability. In June this year (111), it successfully completed the review meeting of the Environmental Protection Personnel Training Institute of the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan, becoming the first Taiwan international business port to apply for environmental education Facility site certified port.

The purpose of the certification of environmental education facilities is to use existing spaces, buildings, fields and facilities, integrate natural ecological resources and humanistic characteristics, and establish and provide complete environmental education professional services, information and resources. Curriculum planning and operation management to achieve a sustainable connection with nature, environment, humanities and communities.

Taichung Port Branch stated that the application for certification of environmental education facilities in Taichung Port is based on the unique characteristics of Taichung Port to develop 3 sets of environmental education courses, and prepare them according to different objects. Taichung Harbor”, “The Mystery of Green Harbor” mainly for middle school students, and “Offshore Wind Power Reveal” mainly for junior college students. Recruited 20 volunteers to explain the environmental education courses professionally, so that the participating people can understand the humanities and natural ecology of Taichung Hong Kong, and at the same time, they can learn and establish the concept of environmental friendliness in an entertaining way.

In the future, Taichung Port Branch will continue to develop more diverse environmental education courses, and continue to promote various environmental education with fellow workers, communities, and environmental partners. It not only records the past, present and future of Taichung Port, but also allows the public to explore Taichung Port together. Diversified faces, together to build Taiwan’s green ecological port environmental education center.
To reveal the face of the port and experience the operating environment of the port, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools are welcome to participate in the course, and the registration line is 04-26642431.