May 27, 2022 — Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. Taichung Port Branch (hereinafter referred to as Taichung Port Branch) has allocated NT$96 million to handle the new construction of the Nanheng 2nd Road Control Station, in order to strengthen the port area’s external traffic system and improve the port area’s transportation safety, At the same time, the congestion of container trucks on Zhongnan 1st Road and the situation of passenger vehicles from Mitsui outlet sharing the road with trucks on Taiwan Avenue were relieved.

The primary function of the control point is to provide inspection of vehicles and personnel entering and leaving the port control area. It is to build an intelligently managed gate guard system and related sensing equipment simultaneously. Through RFID, OCR and other image recognition systems, people, vehicles, and cabinets can be obtained in real time. Relevant information can effectively assist in the safety control of entry and exit areas.

The control point is located in the middle section of Nanheng 2nd Road. The project starts from Zhongnan 1st Ring Road in the west and ends at Zhong 2nd Road in the east, with a total length of about 819 meters; the control point is about 150 meters before and after, and the total length of about 300 meters will be widened to 50 meters , with a wear-resistant and strong 30 cm thick concrete rigid pavement with a lane of about 261 meters, which meets the load and transportation requirements of container trucks and heavy-duty trucks. The project is expected to start at the end of May this year (111) and be completed in March 112.

The appearance and function of the newly-built control point are based on the human-oriented design principle. The roof is made of sea waves with soft curved surfaces and ocean blue blended into the earth green, showing a sense of harmony in the blue sky and green environment; the entrance and exit are 6 meters high, and a large hull-shaped yellow safety island is installed for planning and preparation. Demand, wide duty space, warning and conspicuous safety island, providing comfort and safety for office workers and on-duty personnel; additional special lanes for large and heavy items with ultra-high, ultra-wide, and over-weight are added on both sides of the automatic gate, which is suitable for offshore wind turbines. Heavy cargo transportation needs; taking into account the multiple functions of port safety, traffic efficiency, multi-functional services, and space utilization, the control point appropriately conveys the image of Taichung Port as an international business port portal.

The control point is adjacent to Taichung Port Production Zone (I), which can provide the most convenient and fast entry and exit inspection services for manufacturers in this area. At present, 6 manufacturers have settled in, and there are still 46 hectares of land available for investment. Interested parties are welcome to inquire.