May 27, 2022 —  The Hualien County Government and the Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Hualien County Government and the Harbor Bureau in order to win the site selection plan of the National Oceanic Resources Museum of the National Institute of Oceanography, and jointly deal with the land demand and shape the development of the coastal sightseeing corridor. On the 21st, the Hualien County Government signed the “Memorandum of Understanding on Jointly Promoting the Land Revitalization and Tourism Development of the Hualien Port Area”. The port land in the district is the exclusive area for port tourism and the exclusive area for port recreation)” the first communication platform meeting”, co-chaired by Deputy Mayor Yan Xin Zhang and Deputy General Manager Wang Pai Feng of Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. The scope of the urban plan and the land demand of the National Oceanographic Resources Museum (3.29 billion in 7 years) reached a consensus through consultation, and it was decided to change the feedback method through this case for the National Oceanographic Research Institute of the Oceanographic Commission to handle free allocation, and the planned budget will be in place.

The blueprint of the whole area of ​​the project of the island-hopping cruise base at the wharf #13-#16 of Hualien Port

In addition, according to the future development and construction plans of Taiwan International Commercial Port, Taiwan Port Co., Ltd., in order to promote the asset activation and tourism and recreation development of the four major themed blocks in the Hualien Port Area, and to increase the willingness of investors to develop, through the construction of the Hualien County Government and the Ministry of the Interior. In accordance with the provisions of Article 27, Item 1, Subparagraph 4 of the Urban Planning Law, the Department will guide and assist the Hualien Port Qilaibi Coastal Landscape Corridor (formerly known as East Construction Site), #13~#16 Pier Water and Land Recreation and Sightseeing Corridor, #1~#4 The port area land, such as the waterfront recreation area of ​​the wharf, the base east of Minsheng Road, and the land of the fishery professional area, will be transformed into the port area by the urban plan, and the land use project for the tourism and recreation development of the port will be formulated to enhance the Hualien Port. The image of an international commercial port and attracting investment from manufacturers. In the future, through the communication platform established by the two parties, we will cooperate to create a highlight of Hualien coastal tourism, and promote the tourism and recreation of the port, the surrounding local tourism and the development of marine resources and culture.