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Schrader Co. Sales, LLC is an over 10 Year,  manufactures representative and consulting firm primarily serving the West Coast including Alaska, Hawaii and British Columbia.

Our Company proudly represents manufactures with innovative, quality products as well as local support at all stages of  the project.

Our Company’s products are generally used in the marine market; including Ports, Military facilities,  Refineries, USACE and other private entities with waterfront facilities. In addition, our companies products are used for new and repair of boardwalks, bridge fendering, bridge-pier support beams, sea walls, pile repair, ferry terminals, piers, docks, wharfs, sea walls, jetties, bulkheads, and concrete-steel-wood restoration.

The Schrader Co. takes pride in providing innovative solutions to complex projects and providing a prompt response to our customer’s needs.


514 State Ave Suite 202
Marysville, WA 98270

Telephone: 425-377-1550

Tom Spear, Principal – tom@schraderco.com