May 21, 2021 — In support of Executive Yuan national-level policies promoting offshore wind-farm sector development and growth, Port of Taichung, TIPC has designated the Second Industrial District as the port’s new Offshore Wind-Farm Industry Park. A comprehensive road grid was completed by the port authority last year (2020) to attract related investment to the industry park and to streamline traffic flows to and through the area.

The Second Industrial District New Road Construction Project, funded at a budget of NT$400 million was tasked to construct new roads and widen existing roads over a total length of 3.4km. Main project items included extending Longchang Road by 725m, constructing a new, 1,068m-long north-south cross-district road, widening a 1,615m section of Gongye East Road by 30m, and installing public pipelines and hardened road surfaces that provide ready-made electrical, telecom, and public utilities connectivity and minimize maintenance costs. All project items have been completed. Gongye East Road is now rated for the unobstructed transport of oversized >8MW turbine assemblies, including transition pieces (TPs) up to 27x27x15m and wind turbine blades up to 108m in length, to Port of Taichung Wharf Nos. 106 and 107, which fits well the transportation requirements of the offshore wind-turbine industry.

The four firms already established in Port of Taichung’s Second Industrial District, including Yeong Guan Energy, Red Blades Windtek, Century Huaxin Wind Energy (formerly Tai-Shing Wind Power), and Siemens Gamesa, have already invested an estimated NT$16.59 billion in the district and should generate around 1,425 new job opportunities. Completion of the New Road Construction Project and its linkage into the wider surrounding transportation grid will further improve overall operational efficiencies at the Port of Taichung.